Web Team Newsletter - February 6, 2009

Ohlone College Directory

The new Ohlone College Directory, implemented just before the start of the Spring 2009 semester, is now managed by the IT Department Helpdesk. The Directory provides contact information for Ohlone College faculty, staff, administration, and departments to students, employees, the community, vendors, and others.

Keeping the Directory up to date is important. As needed, please complete the appropriate Directory Update Form (Add, Change, or Delete) to help keep the Directory current. Directory Update Forms are emailed to the Helpdesk. If you have problems using the online forms, you may submit a Helpdesk Service Request with your update to the Directory. Please contact the Helpdesk with questions about the Directory.

SEE ALSO: Tips for Using the Ohlone College Directory are available.

WebTeamShare: Providing large files or many files to the Web Team

A shared directory on the Ohlone_1 network server is available to allow users to provide copies of electronic files (especially large ones!) to the WebTeam without burdening Ohlone's email server and without providing files on a USB drive (also known as a "jump disk" or "memory stick"), a CD-ROM, or a ZIP disk.

Copies of files should be provided, not originals. Files are removed from the WebTeamShare directory when the Web Team starts your update.

MORE INFO: Using the WebTeamShare Directory. Instructions are available for Mac and Windows users.

Request a "Faculty Profile Website"

Full-time and part-time faculty at Ohlone are strongly encouraged to have presence on the Ohlone College website domain (ohlone.edu) in the form of a simple "faculty profile website" or a more complete "faculty website".

A Faculty Profile Website is a simple, one-page website with your name, title, department, contact information, location, and optional photograph. This faculty profile website can be created by the Web Team after you complete the Faculty Profile Website Request Form. A link to your faculty website will be placed on the list of Faculty Websites.

NEXT STEP: Complete the Faculty Profile Website Request Form. If you're interested in more than a simple profile website, see Options for Faculty Websites.

Visit Ohlone College on these Social Networking and Photo Sharing Websites

Ohlone College has a presence at these social networking and photo sharing websites:

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Questions? Comments?

Please email the Web Team at webteam@ohlone.edu with comments and questions. Thank you!