Web Team Newsletter - March 31, 2003 (Volume 2.2)

Tomorrow is April Fool's Day but we're not foolin' around…

Recent Additions to the Ohlone College Website

The Web Team has added the following new items to the college website. Please review these pages to become better acquainted with what our website has to offer Ohlone College students and employees. We welcome suggestions and comments!

  • "All" page in the A-Z Index (it lists all index items from A-Z). This is an easy way to scan the types of information available through Ohlone's website.

  • Directions to Ohlone College - Information about how to get to Ohlone's Fremont campus using BART, AC Transit, and driving using I-880 and I-680. A similar page exists on the Newark Ohlone Center website. Each Directions page contains links to the other. Also included are directions for getting from the Fremont campus to the Newark campus, and from the Newark campus to the Fremont campus.
    http://www.ohlone.edu/core/directions.html (Fremont campus)
    http://www.ohlone.edu/org/newark/directions.html (Newark campus)

  • Emergency Telephone Numbers - For Campus Police and off-campus emergency service providers.

  • Food Services at Ohlone College - An overview of the 4 places where food is available on campus (Bookstore, Cafeteria, Coffee Cart, and Vending Machines).

  • Stars of the Month - An announcement appears in Campus News on the home page and the Staff and Faculty resource pages. The announcement links to the Stars of the Month page on the Staff Development website where an archive of past Stars is maintained.

  • Student Member, Board of Trustees Award - An announcement appears in Campus News on the home page. It links to a Student Member Award page on the Board of Trustees website.

The A-Z Index contains links to these pages using a variety of descriptions (for example, the Directions to Ohlone College page is listed under "Directions…", as well as "Public Transportation…", "AC Transit…", "BART…", and "Driving…", etc.).

- Cheryl & Paula