Web Team Newsletter - May 19, 2003 (Volume 2.4)

Recent Additions to the Ohlone College Website

The Web Team has added the following new items to the college website. Please review these pages to become better acquainted with what our website has to offer Ohlone College students and employees. We welcome suggestions and comments!

  • Spotlight on Ohlone - In cooperation with the Journalism Department, the Ohlone College website home page now includes links to articles "spotlighting" Ohlone College students, faculty and staff. These articles are originally published in The Monitor, our student-run newspaper. This is an excellent way to publicize Ohlone College's interesting faculty and students.

  • Campus Access - This page was added to the website to provide information to students and campus visitors about special features they can use to get around the Ohlone College campus, such as the Ohlone Pony shuttle during Smith Center performances. We plan to expand this page to include information about elevators, restrooms, ramps, etc.

  • Campus Maps - College Relations recently designed a new map for the Fremont campus and a new Fremont-Newark Area Map. These new maps have replaced the older campus maps on the website. The filename of the Fremont campus map was changed to a generic filename that does not include a date. If you are responsible for maintaining a web page that links to the old Fremont campus map image file, please change that web page to link to the home page of the Campus Maps website.

    The Web Team plans to enhance the Campus Maps website by including "hot spots" to enlarged quadrants of the Fremont campus map and additional features to help people get around the campus. College Relations is looking into having accessibility features (ramps, elevators, etc.) of the campus included on a campus map. The Campus Maps project will continue through the summer and will, hopefully, be ready for release near the start of the Fall 2003 semester.

  • Emergency/Evacuation Information - Evacuation information was added to the Emergency Telephone Numbers web page and the title of the page changed to Emergency/Evacuation Information.

  • Common Acronyms and Abbreviations - A web page listing common acronyms and abbreviations used at Ohlone College was added to the website. If there are commonly-used acronyms or abbreviations missing from the list, please contact the Web Team listing the acronym/abbreviation and its full meaning.

- Cheryl & Paula