Web Team Newsletter - January 14, 2004 (Volume 3.1)

Spring 2004 Semester Website Reviews

We've started another semester! Please take some time to review the Ohlone College website for information that needs to be updated or removed or added - especially sections related to you, the subject you teach, the department/division you're in, the committee(s) you belong to, etc. A list of some things to look for can be found on the Checklist for Ohlone College Website Updates at http://www.ohlone.edu/org/webteam/checklist_siteupdates.html.

  1. If you're responsible for maintaining an Ohlone website, please review the site, make any necessary changes, and email the Web Team when the modified pages are ready to be published to the main web server. Don't know what site(s) you're responsible for? Check the Websites Not Managed by the Web Team section of the Web Team's Client List page at http://www.ohlone.edu/org/webteam/clientlist.html.

  2. The Web Team now manages 99 websites on the Ohlone College domain. Please review our client list and let us know if any of the content providers have changed. The client list is on the Web Team's website at http://www.ohlone.edu/org/webteam/clientlist.html.

    Content providers of Web Team-managed websites should make changes to existing content by printing the web pages needing modification, marking up the hard copies (red ink is easy for us to read…!), and sending the printouts to "Web Team - Library" in the Mail Rounds. If you have extensive modifications or new paragraphs or new pages, please send us Word documents with the desired content typed out in full - send them via email to webteam@ohlone.edu - and we'll get those updates online.

If you are a faculty member interested in having a website that provides students with your contact information, a photo of yourself, your office hours and class schedule, and a syllabus for each course you teach, the Web Team can manage your website for you - all you need to do is provide us with your textual content in Word documents. (Due to limited time and staffing, we are limited to managing faculty sites that are not updated on a daily or a got-to-have-it-now basis.)

Please contact webteam@ohlone.edu if you would like us to manage your faculty website. Examples of Web Team-managed faculty websites are:

  • Vince Newell - http://www.ohlone.edu/people/vnewell/ [link deleted]
  • Cynthia Katona -http://www.ohlone.edu/people/ckatona/ [link deleted]
  • Joyce Tanaka - http://www.ohlone.edu/people/jtanaka/ [August 26, 2005: Site removed at Joyce's request.]

If you want the Web Team to manage your Division, Department or Committee website, we can do so - this FAQs page will get you started: http://www.ohlone.edu/org/webcenter/faqs_webteam.html. Please contact webteam@ohlone.edu if you would like us to manage your website.

- Cheryl & Paula