Web Team Newsletter - February 7, 2005 (Volume 4.1)

A Website is an Important MARKETING TOOL…

Fishing for information? Change it!It should provide current, interesting, and important information about the business of the organization and the benefits to the organization's customers.

Our BUSINESS is education.
Our CUSTOMERS are current, new, and prospective students; their parents; the community and businesses around the College; and our faculty, staff, and administration.

Current, new, and prospective students EXPECT Ohlone's website to provide interesting and helpful information about our degrees and programs, as well as how to be successful during and after college.

Here's an exercise for you…

Students named Joe and Jane come to YOU seeking advice and information. They ask these and other questions:

  • What is your program about?
  • What skills will be learned?
  • What does it take to be successful in your program?
  • What career opportunities are available now and expected to be in the future?
  • Why should they be interested in your program?
  • What degrees or certificates are available?
  • How do they get started?
  • How do they get involved, such as with a student club?
  • If they have problems, what kind of help is available (i.e., tutoring, counseling)?

What do you tell them? Take a minute or two to think about it… I'll wait…

(Waiting patiently…)

Okay. Now check the Ohlone website for that information… Check the Department site, the site search engine… I'll wait again…

(Waiting patiently…)

Is that information available on the website?

Is it interesting? inviting? too general? too specific? boring?

What information should be provided to make it more complete, more interesting, more valuable to students?

Next, please work with the person responsible for content on the website or websites in question to make the additional information available - the person is listed following the website name in the Client List.

Please email the Web Team at webteam@ohlone.edu with questions. Thank you!