Web Team Newsletter - August 9, 2005 (Volume 4.4)

Did You Know…?

  1. The start of the Fall semester means updates are needed on many Department and Division websites?

    • Got new faculty? new programs? new requirements?
    • Do schedules or other dated information need updating?
  2. Our students rely on the information provided on our website to be accurate and informative. If that information is incorrect or outdated (and therefore unreliable), our students will become frustrated and may develop a negative perception of the department, the website, and the college.

    Use the Checklist for Website Updates at http://www.ohlone.edu/org/webteam/checklist_siteupdates.html.

  3. Faculty at Ohlone College are encouraged to provide their contact information, schedule, office hours, and course syllabi on a website?

    There are several ways to create a faculty website. Review the Options for Faculty Websites in the Web Center at http://www.ohlone.edu/org/webcenter/facultyoptions.html.

  4. Several changes were made to the College website during the Spring 2005 semester?

  5. Archives of newsletters and notices are available on the Web Team website, as well as a list of services, Client List, and the Checklist for Website Updates? Visit http://www.ohlone.edu/org/webteam/.

Please email the Web Team at webteam@ohlone.edu with questions about this newsletter. Thank you!