Web Team Notice

Subject: Ohlone Website: Campus News and Events, Program Announcements
Date: Mon, 30 Sep 2002 10:15:30 -0700
From: Cheryl Lambert

Let's keep the Ohlone College home page fresh! We seek mini announcements with links to further information for campus-related news, events, and academic programs. Items for the home page are targetted to Ohlone students, the college as a whole, and to the community around the college. The Web Team needs your ongoing assistance to provide this content so that the home page will remain fresh, current and interesting.

Checkout "Getting Your Announcement on the Home Page" at http://www.ohlone.cc.ca.us/org/webcenter/homepageitems.html for more information about what we're looking for!

Thank you! Email the Web Team if you have questions!