Web Team Notice


To: Dr. Douglas Treadway, President, Ohlone College

From: Cheryl Lambert, Web Designer

Date: August 21, 2003

Re: Website Statistics Information

Cc: Shirley Peck, Dean, LR&IT

I prepared this memorandum to respond to Bobbie Jo Curtis' request to provide information to you about the Ohlone College website, in particular information about the number of “hits” the website receives. The information covers only the main web server that is commonly known by these domain names: www.ohlone.edu, www2.ohlone.edu, www.ohlone.cc.ca.us, www2.ohlone.cc.ca.us.

Many website managers emphasize the number of “hits” received by pages on their website. “Hits” is an inaccurate way to measure popularity of a page since “hits” refers to the page plus all objects embedded in that page, which includes all images or Flash movies, etc. on the page. A page heavy with images will have more “hits” than a page with quality textual content and a few images. Therefore, when I review the website statistics generated by Webalizer (the open source web log analyzer installed on the main web server), I look at the list of Top 30 URLs as an indication of which pages are used more than others.

Attached is a copy of a presentation I gave in March 2003 to the Web Task Force (WTF) and the TACO Committee, and later to the Cabinet. The presentation reviews website statistics as they relate to the Top 30 URLs accessed on the main Ohlone College web server between July 2002 and March 19, 2003.

After this report was given, these changes were approved by the WTF:

  • Combine the Current Students and Future Students resource pages into a single resource page for “Students” (/core/port_students.html)
  • Combine the Faculty and Staff resource pages into a single resource page for “Faculty & Staff” (/core/port_facultystaff.html)
  • Change the General Public resource page (and its link) to “Visitors” (this was recently changed to “Visitors & Alumni” after College Advancement provided content for an Alumni website) (/core/port_public.html)
  • A link for “Online Classes” was added to the top level of horizontal navigation, and the “Newark Center” link moved to the lower level of horizontal navigation

The Top 30 URLs for each month since March 2003 include the URLs listed in the attached presentation.

I continue to be pleased that the site navigation features of the Ohlone College website remain are frequently used. The site navigation features are the resource pages, the A-Z Index, and the site search.

Number of “visitors” is another way to measure activity on websites. Webalizer provides a total number of “visitors” for each month (and the current partial month). Just as activity on the campus cycles up and down as a semester gets ready to start, starts, settles down during mid-terms, and then slides into finals, and the next semester gets ready to start, activity on the website cycles in a similar pattern.

The number of “visitors” to the Ohlone College website over the past 12 months are listed below (the web log includes only the past 12 months):

  • September 2002 – 69,939
  • October 2002 – 71,589
  • November 2002 – 74,774
  • December 2002 – 47,613
  • January 2003 – 79,005
  • February 2003 – 69,812
  • March 2003 – 76,540
  • April 2003 – 103,524
  • May 2003 – 113,648
  • June 2003 – 103,121
  • July 2003 – 89,157
  • August 1-20, 2003 – 77,773

Please let me know if you have questions about the website or would like to meet with me to discuss the website.

Thank you.