Web Team Notice

Subject: Modification re change in Web Team service for Spring 2005
Date: Thu, 16 Dec 2004 14:36:46 -0800
From: Cheryl Lambert - Web Team

To: Sylvia Anderson, Mark Barnby, Bruce Bennett, Allison Bly, Curtis Bressler, Anita Carbone, Carrie Dameron, Ralph DeUnamuno, Katherine Dewan, Chieko Honma, Cynthia Katona, Alison Kuehner, Jim McManus, Linda Messia, Vincent Newell, Yvette Niccolls, Bill Parks, Ralph Sinibaldi, Ronald Staszkow, David Topham, Joyce Tanaka, Bernadette VanDeusen

CC: Marilena Tamburello, William Paoli, Barbara Tull, Rob Smedfjeld, Lisa Waits, Jim Wright, Sharlene Limon

The Online Education department and I have become aware that a period of transition is needed while you become comfortable using WebCT to provide course materials to your students.

Therefore, through the Spring 2005 semester, the Web Team will continue to post course materials on the websites of faculty we have previously provided this service to. There are no changes to the procedure you've used in the past to provide course documents to the Web Team for posting on your website - i.e., send them to us and we'll get 'em posted for you! Turn around time is 1-2 working days while a semester is in progress.

When you have the information ready, please also send me your Spring 2005 schedule, office hours, and any other changes that may be needed on your faculty website. If you have questions, please let me know!

To begin learning and working with WebCT, please work with Marilena Tamburello and William Paoli in the Online Education department to have your WebCT account and course shells created, signup for workshops, access online training, and other assistance.