Web Team Notice

Subject: status of Ohlone College website - Your help is needed!
Date: Tue, 03 May 2005 17:17:33 -0700
From: Cheryl Lambert - Web Team

YOUR HELP IS NEEDED! Please review this message in full. Thank you!

  • Good News: The College website is again available!
  • What Happened: During web server maintenance Monday afternoon, all web pages managed by the Web Team became inaccessible.
  • What's Been Done: Those web pages have been pieced together as much as possible from a backup of the website database and a bunch of temporary "working" files frequently used by the Web Team. However, these temporary files did not exist for all websites and not all of the files contained updated information.
  • Status: The College website is now available. HOWEVER, not all pages are as current or accurate as they should be.

YOUR HELP IS NEEDED to ensure information is as up-to-date and correct as possible.

Please review all websites for which you provide content AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Specifically, look for changes you emailed or sent in hard copy to the Web Team. You may find Fall 2004 information! or Spring 2005 information! instead of Summer 2005 or Fall 2005 information. It is possible that schedules aren't updated, photographs are missing or wrong, links are incorrect, phone numbers and/or room numbers are incorrect, hours of operation are incorrect, etc.

If some pages look correct, DO NOT assume the rest of the pages for a website are correct. Please REVIEW ALL INFORMATION and check all links, all forms, etc.

Hmmm, even if you aren't responsible for providing content for a website, your help will be appreciated! Review sections of websites for departments and programs you're familiar with!!

Send all changes via email to webteam@ohlone.edu or hard copy printout via mail rounds to "Web Team".

There are still some behind-the-scenes updates that need to be made. The website search feature won't be accurate until some of these changes are made.

I will continue to review the website and make updates I see are as necessary. However, I am now depending on YOU to ensure the websites contain correct and current information.

If you have ANY questions, please contact me at webteam@ohlone.edu.

(Just to clarify, WebAdvisor, WebCT, and websites on www2.ohlone.edu and online.ohlone.edu were not affected by Monday's web server problem.)

Thank you in advance for your assistance!