Web Team Notice

To: [all registered members of the Ohlone College Forum]
Subject: Ohlone College Forum has been closed
Date: Tue, 03 Apr 2007 17:58:13 +0000
From: Ohlone College Forum <WebTeam@ohlone.edu>

You are receiving this message because you are a registered member of the Ohlone College Forum.

I have decided to close the Ohlone College Forum (aka message board) which was setup in September 2006 on my person domain and web hosting account. It was created in the spirit of providing new ways of communication to the Ohlone College community, but it did not "catch on".

In the future, I hope Ohlone will consider implementing a message board and/or other communication tools (such as blogs) on the ohlone.edu domain.

If you have questions about this, please contact me. Thank you.