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Subject: Your help is needed to ensure correct info for NEW Ohlone College Directory
Date: Mon 12/15/2008 10:17 AM
From: Cheryl Lambert

We Need Your Help!

A workgroup of the Technology Committee has been working on a new Ohlone College Directory to replace the two directories currently in place (the Phone List and Employee Directory).

Your assistance is needed to ensure correct information is provided by the new Ohlone College Directory. We are targeting the start of the Spring 2009 semester to release the new Directory on the College website.

Please go to this page:
and use the search box to review your Directory entry for the correct Name, Title, Department(s), Phone Number, Email Address, Room Number, and Campus.

  1. If your entry is correct, please submit the Directory Entry is Correct Form.
  2. If a change, addition or deletion is needed, please submit the appropriate Directory Update Request Form.

Note that it is possible for any one person to have multiple entries in the Directory if they have multiple roles at the College. Please review each of your entries and submit the appropriate Directory Update Request Form for each entry that needs to be updated or added.

Deans, Managers, Directors, Executive Assistants, and other administrative staff should also review Directory entries for their departments and programs (not necessarily for all personnel in their area) and submit a Directory Update Request Form for each entry that needs to be updated, added, or deleted.

THANK YOU for your help with this! If you have questions, please contact Cheryl Lambert at clambert@ohlone.edu.

Subject: (part 2)Your help is needed to ensure correct info for NEW Ohlone College Directory
Date: Mon 12/15/2008 1:45 PM
From: Cheryl Lambert

I've received a few questions about the new Directory information assistance request: http://www.ohlone.edu/core/directorynew.html.

Here are the questions and answers...

Q. Does this apply to adjunct faculty?

Yes, it applies to adjunct faculty if you have contact info (phone and/or email) at Ohlone.

Q. Why aren't I listed?
Q. My phone/room/title/etc. changed a while back, why is it not correct in the new Directory listing?

The information came from a variety of sources (some old, some new). This is why we need your help. Submit the Add or Change form as needed.

Q. I'm searching for my firstname and lastname but aren't listed. But if I search for my department, I'm listed. Why?
Q. I can't find myself in the new Directory listing. What do I do now?

If you can't find an entry for yourself using your first name OR last name in a search, then please submit the add form. The search feature is simple and cannot perform a search for first name AND last name.

Q. I keep getting an error when I submit the form.

The form is very secure to prevent spam attacks. If any of the fields have the same value, the form script may display an error. So, instead of using "none", use "no phone" and "no email".

Q. Will my Fax number be listed?

Fax numbers are listed for Department entries and Administration entries (VP, AVP, Dean, Director, Manager).

If the department listing for your department does not include a fax number, please submit it as a change to the department entry.

Q. Will a department URL be listed?
Q. Will you list my website if it isn't on ohlone.edu?

No, only ohlone.edu websites for a PERSON are listed.