Ohlone College's Flickr Account - Web Team Procedures and Notes

This page is intended for use only by the Web Team.

Contact the Web Team to have a photo or group of photos uploaded to Ohlone College's Flickr account: https://www.flickr.com/photos/ohlonecollege/.

  • Create a Set for each group of photos
  • Put each Set into the appropriate Collection (group of sets) by (usually) date
  • If possible, assign a descriptive Title (and optionally the Description field for a longer description) to each photo
  • Tags (use quotes for phrases with spaces between words):

To Help Identify Health Sciences Labs at Newark Campus

  • RN Simulation Lab - has control room, 1 bed, and mannequin
  • PTA Lab - has only exam tables
  • RT Lab - has lots of big equipment, 3 beds