Valid XHTML <object> Tags for Flickr Badge - Web Team Procedures and Notes

This page is intended for use only by the Web Team.

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Flickr Badge

NOTE: Tested and DOES NOT validate.

Go here for info:

  1. Go to the Flickr Badge tool and generate the code for the badge you want to display
  2. Copy and paste the code from the URL above
  3. Copy and paste the URL from your badge's code page over the placeholder text
  4. As indicated, remove the unnecessary part of the URL code
  5. Replace all & with & in the code
  6. Copy and paste the modified badge code onto your web page
  7. There will still be validation errors because Flickr's part of the badge code is not valid

The code on OUR HTML page is valid, but Flickr's badge code is not - 12 errors.