Overview of the Workability III Program and Services

Workability III (WAIII) is a special program funded by the State of California Department of Rehabilitation. The main purpose of the program is provide vocational training, resources and employment assistance to qualified Deaf or Disabled Clients of the Department of Rehabilitation.

If you are an Employer and are thinking about hiring, review Employer Information re Workability III Services and contact Danny Navarrete at dnavarrete@ohlone.edu or Narda Mamou at nmamou@ohlone.edu.

The Workability III program gives students the opportunity to participate in pre-vocational assessment, pre-employment skills training, on-site work experience, and competitive job placement.

The main requirement for students is that the person must have a open file with the (Vocational Rehabilitation) Department of Rehabilitation Counselor. If you don't have an open file you can apply for services at your local Department of Rehabilitation office.

After the student is admitted to the program, they will:

  • Receive an assessment to document skills, aptitudes and services needed.
  • Receive an individualized program based on the assessment, interests, goals and employment and academic histories.

Upon completion of the intake process clients can receive:

  • Training on the application process and resume writing.
  • Interview skills assessment and video tape practice.
  • Information on how to obtain and utilize sign language interpreters and real-time captioners.
  • Information about the Amercian with Disabilities Act, SSI, and other work related services.
  • Exposure to a variety of job sites, job search techniques, and business professionals.