Workability III Employment Resources for Students

Students who are job ready are referred to the Job Placement Specialist. Individualized, specialized job placement is offered to these students, as well as job seeking skills training and job club activities. Once students are placed in employment, follow up and transition services are provided to students by the Job Coaches.

A unique part of the Workability III program is the cooperative work experience offered to all students. Participants are offered training options depending on their vocational interests and aptitudes. The Employment Developer and the Job Placement Specialist work closely together to establish work site experiences for students that often lead to full time employment once the students have completed the Workability III Program.

Individuals with open cases from Department of Rehabilitation (Oakland District) can be referred to Workability III. The Oakland District includes the Berkeley and Fremont offices. Occasionally, Workability III will accept referrals from other districts such as San Jose or San Francisco.

All job ready students after qualifying, will receive a specialized intake, job related counseling, pre-employment classes, job seeking workshops, individual and group job coaching, job preparation, placement, job retention, and follow up.

If you have questions about qualifications, contact your Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor. If you don't know who is your counselor, check the Department of Rehabilitation website.