Brenda Arteaga Reynoso, Counselor - Counseling Department

Contact Information

Brenda Arteaga Reynoso
Counseling Department
(510) 659-6081
Room 7348, Building 7, third floor, Fremont campus


Brenda Arteaga Reynoso was born in Fremont and raised in Newark. Her mother was raised in Mexico and was only able to complete the first grade. Her father was born and raised in the border town of Brownsville, Texas and was in and out of school because he migrated all over the U.S. with his family to do farm work, and he stopped attending school after the ninth grade.

With the support of her parents who encouraged her to become educated, Brenda graduated from Newark Memorial High School. In high school, she got involved in a program called Camino Nuevo; her counselor from the program helped her a lot and encouraged her to apply to universities she may not have applied to.

She attended UC Berkeley and graduated from there in 1997 with a Bachelor's Degree in Ethnic Studies. Brenda loved college; she considers it to be one of the best experiences of her life. She began as a business major, but in her first year of college she took an Ethnic Studies class, which changed her life. She learned a lot about the struggles that her community faces, which inspired her to think about a career that would allow her to help her community.

She decided that pursuing a career in educational counseling would give her the opportunity to combine her experiences and interests. In this career, she felt that she could give back to her community by assisting others to pursue higher education, which she wanted others to experience and benefit from. She hoped that some day she would have the chance to be a counselor in a program like the one she was in when she was in high school.

In 1999, she started on this path by working at Ohlone College as a Student Services Assistant for the Transfer Incentive Program (TIP) in the Transfer Center. While working at Ohlone, she began her Master's program. She graduated in 2003 from San Jose State University with a master's in Educational Counseling.

She then began working full-time as a financial aid counselor and in 2005 was thrilled to begin working with students in a way that she had dreamed of for years; she became the Counselor and Co-Coordinator of the Ohlone Puente Project. She loves helping her students and seeing them grow and accomplish their goals.

Brenda lives with her husband across the Bay. She is interested in race and gender issues. She loves all types of dancing, from tap and ballet folklorico to rancheras and salsa to Hip-Hop and 1980s. She also loves traveling, likes reading non-fiction such as biographies and books on health, and enjoys being with friends and family.