English 122 Environmental Literature - Rachel Sherman, Professor - English Department

"In wildness is the preservation of the world."
- Henry David Thoreau

  • Transferable to UC and CSU
  • Fulfills GE Plan A Humanities
  • Offered Spring semesters

Does Thoreau's statement still hold true today? Is “wildness” enough? How do we see our role today in relation to our environment?

And who are the key environmental writers that have informed our notions about “nature,” “wilderness,” “environment,” “conservation,” and “sustainability” over time?

In this class, we will explore key figures, writings, and events that have shaped our understanding about our “environment” and our changing relationship to it over time.  Readings from Thoreau, Muir, Leopold, Carson, Abbey, Pollan, and others.


Contact Professor Rachel Sherman at rsherman@ohlone.edu for more information about this class or how to register.

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