The following designs were generated by my Math 101B Calculus Class using Rectangular, Parametric, and Polar Equations with Maple V (computer algebra progam) on a PC.

RON STASZKOW - Mother's Day Bouquet

mohammed iqbal - geometric design


sunny wan - flag of china


tina chinn - spider web


neil hayden - helicopter


david rechel - a day at sea


rochelle cook - polygon flowers


heidi mananzan - sea ships


ehvan tran - asian doll


chi tan - my flower garden


peter au - a classic car


andrew lambert - playing cards


khalil akimi - geometric flowers


aaisha burney - bliss


anamika mishra - frosty the snowman


 john lam - little brother


kasi montgomery - inside my brain


kurran khan - love


kinjal maniar - sea ship


kuldip sandhu - geo-bear


johm lam - flower


lan dinh - math island


masood noor - reality


thuy dam - alien mother and child


georgiy petrov - airplane squadron


quynh le - graduation!


thuc nguyen - clouded windows


andy koswara - trapped


nadine valette - flower and star


christine tam - thoughts