Ron Staszkow, Professor Emeritus - Mathematics Department

Math Resources

Math Research on the Internet - Especially for Math for the Liberal Arts (M156)

The following Internet Sites will be helpful in doing research on topics in mathematics:

  1. Nice places to start searching:

    These search engines have lots of information on math topics. They are good starting points for research. After entering the site, type mathematics in the search box.

  2. Eric's Extensive Math Site - This contains a concise encyclopedia of mathematics and provides references to even find more information on thousands of math topics.

  3. Mathematicians Websites - These sites have short biographical information on many mathematicians. They also have some nice links to other sites.

  4. History of Mathematics Archive - This site has nice articles on math topics in its History Topics Index and biographies of mathematicians in its Biographies Index.

  5. Math Resources on the Web - This site has extensive links to math servers, publications, software, college math departments, etc. Expect to spend some time crawling through this site.

  6. Another Nice Site: Librarians Index to the Internet - After entering the site, type mathematics in the search box.