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May 2013 Faculty of the Month

Kathleen (K.G.) Greenstein
Library / Learning Resources Center

1999 was a great year. Yes, there was all that hoopla about Y2K and what would happen to all those computers. And yes, a bit of nostalgia and anxiety about entering a new millennium. But 1999 was a truly spectacular year for Ohlone College. Why? That is the year our May Faculty of the Month arrived to work here.

She came in quietly and that is a hallmark of how she works – quietly, diligently, steadfastly, effectively, collegially, and, as she prefers, out of the spotlight.

But one look at all the committees that she has been and currently is an integral part of and you will see why 1999 was Ohlone College's lucky year. CAPAC. TACO. SLOAC, GE. Wait - does she prefer committees that go by initials since she goes by initials? Hmmm…. Anyway, she volunteers to be on and sometimes chairs these committees-- some of the most time consuming, challenging committee assignments possible. Since being chair of the GE Committee was not enough the past three years, she thought she would work directly on two sections of Ohlone's accreditation self-study at the same time.

If you ask anyone that has had the opportunity to work with her, you get a big smile and comments like "Isn't she just incredible" and "always a strong advocate for the students." Words pop up such as caring, responsible, and go-getter.

Now you might think because of her job title that you would find her peering out from behind a stack of books, reciting the Dewey decimal system, slightly out of touch with the real world. Ha! Not her. For starters, she plays one fierce ukulele. Hey, a ukulele can be fierce, especially when she is playing it with her band "The Tin Pan Haoles."

And then there is that interesting habit of hers. She loves to break dishes, and maybe almost anything else ceramic. No, she does not have a destructive side run amok. She creates the most amazing mosaic artwork imaginable. You can see it displayed at the faculty-staff art show. (Or you can go to her website and be awed by her talent, and while she is too self-effacing to mention it, I'm not. Go to and see her how talent, humor, and energy combine to make beauty.)

Remember those words "caring" and "responsible"? Those words explain why she carpools as much as possible. They explain why she has adopted and given a great home to four rescue dogs and wishes she could take in more. Animals are her friends and companions, not her dinner.

And books are her companions in a different way. The joy of reading is a big part of her life. So that she could share that joy with her colleagues, she started the book club here at Ohlone. She never waits "until there is time" to do something. She just does it.

Please join me in congratulating our May Faculty of the Month – Kathleen (K.G.) Greenstein, Librarian!

April 2013 Faculty of the Month

Jim Andrews
Associate Professor
Business Administration: Accounting

Once upon a time…

There was a man who wanted to make a dramatic change in his own life. So he left behind his globe-trotting days during which he lived in Israel and London, helping daring entrepreneurs start mega-companies by making sure that the numbers worked.

He looked around for a new way to use his skills, a way to make a difference, a way to help those who often have the least resources available to them. So he went back to college and earned an advanced degree in education and then went into teaching – at a community college in New Mexico where the need for his optimism, enthusiasm, innovative teaching, and complete dedication was the greatest. He taught his students more than debits and credits: he taught them that every one of them can succeed.

But the story continues…

One day that very dedicated professor saw an opening at a community college in California- his dream come true! He knew that the accounting program at his college in New Mexico was well-established and ready to stand on its own, so he sent out that application to the Golden State to some place called Ohlone College.

As if by magic, he got the job. Okay, not really magic. It had something to do with being incredibly well-qualified, having seriously impressive private and public sector experience, possessing an amazing amount of enthusiasm and dedication, and he even seemed to like (or at least understand) Student Learning Outcomes!!!! So his first semester here he volunteers – yes, volunteers – to be on the SLOA Committee. Wow is all I can say.

Wait - there is more to the story…

It turns out that this man helps out a lot of people around here. How, you might ask. Well, he provides support and guidance to the adjuncts in his department. He encourages and listens to their input. He invites them into his classroom to observe and provide feedback. He assists and motivates the tutors in the accounting lab. And he keeps asking if he can do more to help!

But here is the best part of the story…

He makes accounting exciting and fun for his students. Really. I have seen it first-hand. His students are engaged and interested and participating. It's accounting - did I mention that? Now that is magic.

Hmm… What is his secret?

Maybe he is under the spell of his new bride Eleanor. She did get him to agree to a barefoot beach wedding in Hawaii with ukulele players performing Elvis' "Blue Hawaii" (now that is a picture that belongs in the Monitor!).

Or maybe it is just who he is, a good, caring person that wants to make a difference in this world the best ways that he can. And that is why he drives a cute red Prius when he isn't running long distances on nearby trails. That's why he volunteers at the Humane Society in Pleasanton cleaning out litter boxes, even though he is allergic to cats. That's why he spends time growing beautiful things in his Livermore backyard (did anyone tell him about Livermore summers? No, not yet?). That's why he is such a positive force in the lives of his 4 children. That's why he dedicates so much of himself to his students and his colleagues.

And that's why in his second semester at Ohlone College, Dr. Jim Andrews, Accounting Professor, is our April Faculty of the Month!

And, of course, Ohlone College staff, faculty, students, Jim, his new bride Eleanor, the Prius, the cats, the kids and the plants all live happily ever after!

February 2013 Faculty of the Month

imgDarren Bardell
Associate Professor
History and Political Science

He always wears a suit and a smile. (I know, that already gave it away, but keep reading!)

His impact at Ohlone has been so significant that it is hard to believe that he has only been here nine years.

He used to surf every day but now that he has moved from the ocean to the hills, he has traded the board in for a mountain bike.

He is a passionate and dedicated teacher, sincerely committed to student success, and makes history come alive for his students.

His dog, Truman use to come to campus with him, but now Truman prefers to stay home and lap up the tasty tidbits that fall from the high-chair of this faculty member's darling 22-month daughter.

He has been an innovator in the use of new technologies in his face-to-face teaching and is a leader in providing high quality online teaching.

He purchased his first home last semester and is now living "The Never-Ending Story" which is also known as home remodeling.

He is most proud of his work on and for the UFO, especially during the five years of negotiating important changes to the faculty contract.

He loves driving to his favorite fun place Santa Barbara in his new VW Jetta TDI Sportwagen (which will be parked in the Faculty of the Month parking spot all of February – yippee!).

He is ever gracious under fire, whether its source be the faculty he so diligently serves or the administration with which he fervently negotiated.

He is humble and self-effacing, preferring to give credit to others and minimizing the magnitude of his impact upon and commitment to Ohlone College, its faculty and Its students.

Did I mention that he always wears a suit and a smile?

Please congratulate our February Faculty of the Month—Associate Professor Darren Bardell.

December 2012 Faculty of the Month

Wayne Yuen

What do these things have in common?

Zombies, vampires, animal rights, creativity, Bogo and Fizzgig, Leta Stagnaro, pies in the face, a Prius, fruits and vegetables, charitable giving to end famine, women's equality, gay rights, ethics bowl judging, the Make-a-Wish club, the UFO, Faculty Senate, and Tiffany?

That would be our December-January Faculty of the Month(s) – Wayne Yuen!

He has been invited to give presentations about zombies, vampires, animal rights, and creativity. And he has essays published on really interesting topics, too. How many of our faculty members have an article entitled "What's Eating You," about the moral permissibility of cannibalism, published in The Walking Dead and Philosophy? I'm betting just Wayne!

He has two way talented cats – Bogo and Fizzgig. They can sit and high –five. Wayne says he trained them to do that, but we all know cats train their owners, so that is really why Wayne can sit and high-five, too.

He and Leta are related by marriage and he is also related to Tiffany by marriage – really, really by marriage, since she is his wife and inspiration – she's a 3rd grade teacher who, as he says "is paid significantly less for doing significantly more work than me. I never have to tie my student's shoes."

Now you may see a theme running through many of the other topics listed in the quiz above. Wayne is dedicated to making the world a better place. He is the guy that drives the Prius, lets more animals live because he doesn't eat them, consistently gives a portion of his earnings to global famine relief, and will happily take a pie in the face for the Make-a-Wish Club, one of several Ohlone student clubs for which he has been the advisor. He is an outspoken and tireless advocate for women's equality, gay rights, and animal welfare.

He is not only a dedicated philosophy teacher but a dedicated leader here at Ohlone College. He cannot even remember how many years he has been serving on the Faculty Senate. A couple of years ago he also began serving as the UFO Treasurer. For even more fun, he decided to serve as the UFO President, an especially great job during these tough budget times. And of course, he headed the Faculty of the Month committee, making sure that outstanding faculty members received a little bit of acknowledgment (and a wonderful parking space) for their many extra hours and contributions to the College and its students. Now it is time to acknowledge all that Wayne has done, and is doing, to make both Ohlone College and the world a better place.

Congratulations to our December-January recipient – Wayne Yuen!

November 2012 Faculty of the Month

imgJohn Peterson
Men's Basketball Head Coach
Renegades Athletics

His hobbies include doing the dishes, taxiing his children around town, trying to train an unmanageable lab puppy, and oh-so-happily watching many of his wife's favorite TV shows such as Dancing With the Stars (ignore any rumors that he would prefer a Gladiator flick or Seinfeld rerun).

He recently accomplished a life-long dream: after years of trying, he stayed semi-upright on a surfboard for over 2 seconds. Give that man a pat on the back!

He thinks he has a boring life. Really? Is this boring? This past summer he spent 12 days in China coaching a USA All Star team against teams from Lithuania, China and Germany. His team played 9 games, took 9 flights back and forth between 3 cities, and WON all 9 games.

Ohlone College has been lucky enough to have him here for 12 years.

He is dedicated to teaching his students to be outstanding athletes, excellent students, and respected members of their community.

He supports his students in every way possible, making sure that they get the services they need. If a student needs tutoring, he takes that student to the tutoring center to make sure that it happens.

His dedication fosters student success—over 80 of his students have gone on to 4-year schools to continue their athletic and educational achievements.

He doesn't just tell his students what he expects: he models it in his own behavior. He expects excellence of himself and is highly respected, both on the Ohlone campus and in the basketball community.

Congratulations to the November Faculty of the Month: Men's Basketball Coach and outstanding instructor John Peterson.

September 2012 Faculty of the Month

Deb Lemon
Spanish Instructor

  • She came out of the Defense Industry with Secret Clearance!
  • She built and authored an internationally recognized grammar website that has been cited in many publications and legal documents. 
  • She authored several course packs for Distance Education at UNC-Chapel Hill.
  • She has served on the TACO committee, Online Pioneers, and is now on the Distance Ed committee.
  • She's has been invited to teach Educational Technology workshops at conferences throughout the US.
  • After creating Virtual Laboratory in 2000, she is now pioneering the Facebook platform for in-person hybrid and online classes.
  • Last fall, she designed a prototype for a synchronous CyberClass working with professors on the East Coast.
  • A staunch supporter of kinesthetic learning, she can be seen wandering the Newark Campus with her students engaged in projects and activities.
  • She is a professional dancer who has performed for the Egyptian Consulate in San Francisco at the opening and closing of the King Tut exhibit at the De Young Museum.
  • With her partner Numa'ir, she won the 2008 International Belly Dancer of the Year competition and was the 2008 Double Crown Gemini winner.
  • She loves coffee, Project Runway, Anthropologie, and fostering service dogs!
  • Finally, she has an uncanny knack of putting a smile on people's faces just by being in the room, please give a hearty congratulation and thank you to Debi Lemon!