2013-2014 Archive for the Ohlone College World Forum

Designing for Planet Earth: Innovation Inspired by Nature

Ohlone College World Forum: Designing for Planet Earth: Innovation Inspired by Nature.

Efficient wind power inspired by whales? Social networking tools inspired by honeybees? Learn how innovators around the world are studying nature's toolbox of amazing designs to imagine and build a more sustainable future.

Speaker Biography: Julie Sammons, Chief Community Officer at Hylo

Julie Sammons is a biologist and business advisor who applies strategies from living systems to help organizations learn, evolve, and thrive in increasingly complex environments. Her career evolved from engineering billions of bacteria as a research scientist to attracting millions of media hits for community-powered networks.

A video archive of the World Forum live webcast (WMV) (requirements) is available. The video is ASL interpreted; it is not captioned and a transcript is not available.

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