Good News Report April 2009 - Board of Trustees

LEED Platinum logo.Springtime at the Ohlone College Newark Center.The Newark Center for Technology and Health Sciences at Ohlone Community College project (submitted by Perkins+Will) has been selected to win a Green Building of America Award and will be featured in the upcoming Northwest Real Estate & Construction Review-Green Success Stories Edition. The publication is highly utilized by State, County and City Economic Development groups to highlight the vitality of their respected communities.

Ad for applying online for Foundation scholarships.Foundation Executive Director, Dave Smith reports the STARS scholarship program that allows students to access scholarship information and applications online is up and running.

Hundreds of high school students were at Ohlone recently for the High School Theatre Festival. With festival activities and other developments, Ohlone is increasingly seen as a regional training and education resource for Technical Theatre in the bay area.

Move over Millenials!

Reporter: While we are all trying to keep up with the digital generation, it appears our seniors are making leaps ahead of us into the new tech age. At a recent meeting headed by Kelly Hess, the Newark Senior Center coordinator, she provided some statistics and facts about the Newark senior citizen population; one statistic indicated that most senior citizens were not receiving relevant computer education training. With this knowledge, two senior professors from Ohlone College, Mr. Rick Arellano & Ms. Elisa Webb, realized that by using their own CAOT* Department resources, they and the Newark Senior Center could establish a partnership. This was a great opportunity for the CAOT dept to offer computer applications classes that were relevant to the seniors' needs as well as an opportunity to bring in CAOT interns to do some work at the senior center.

Within a matter of weeks both the professors and the Senior Center staff met to discuss this partnership. Then professors Arellano and Webb met with their Dean, Dr. Ronald Quinta and Ms. Hess and the class was a GO! Four sessions later the seniors are now more familiar with how to use new technology tools.

The class gave instruction on how to use tools such as the Ipod, Kindle, Sony Reader and Internet Blogs. It is actually run through the Senior Center so the seniors do not have to hassle with registration at Ohlone. The Ohlone professors are also volunteering their time to teach this course. It's a win win for both parties because Ohlone maintains its ever evolving and innovative outreach programs to the community and the Senior Center can offer more targeted courses to their audiences.Originally 18 seniors had signed up for this class; however as the first one was a pilot class-and the senior center lab is small,(only 9 computers) the class was split into groups with the first nine participants completing the course on March 11, 2009. The other nine members will take the second round of classes starting April 1st 2009. There are also interns assisting.

Ms. Hess has asked both professors to offer this class during the fall 09 semester. Ohlone is delighted to be part of this project. Local enthusiasm has trickled over into neighboring City of Fremont. Their Senior Center project manager, Linda Olla, has also approached Ohlone to start a similar CAOT project there. Ms. Olla would really like to start some kind of multimedia program. At the rate the Seniors are increasing their technology skills who knows where this could end?

Twitter Senior?


*Computer Applications & Occupational Technology Program