Good News Report October 2009 - Board of Trustees

Ohlone hosted a Veteran's welcome event on September 24th that has led to the formation of a new Veterans' Club.

News from the Foundation is that the recent online auction for Ohlone's athletics teams grossed $9200. Also, our Fall Scholarship offering of $17,000 is now posted on STARS, the online scholarship application system.

Campus Activities Coordinator Renee Gonzales and Debbie Trigg, Director of Campus Activities & EOPS will be accompanying some of Ohlone's ASOC executive team, including President Kevin Feliciano, to the SOS Save Our Schools-Educated Voices the Light Way conference in San Francisco next month sponsored by the Student Senate of CCCs.

This semester, the first cohort of high school graduates from 3 different LAB high schools are part of our new LAB Learning Community. We anticipate that the LAB Pathway Program will result in approximately 30 to 60 recent high school graduates entering our LAB Learning Community each year.

Our Dean of Research and Planning, Mike Bowman reports that Ohlone's participation rate (that's the number of college attendees per 1000 residents) for Fremont and Newark, is 76.0. This is higher than the statewide participation rate of 74.9. Mike is trying to find a way to identify population in the nine precincts in Union City to refine this number, but he doesn't think it will change our participation rate significantly.

Full-time faculty have a contractual obligation to complete 24 hours of flex each year. Last year full-time faculty completed an average of 48 hours of flex - double what is required. This is a good indication that our faculty believe in life long learning and in using flex as professional development.

Ron Travenick and I attended the ASOC meeting yesterday to welcome the new officers and senators. Kevin very ably chaired the meeting of about 40 members. It was inspiring to see how organized, dedicated, and welcoming they are.

Ohlone faculty member, Jon Degallier, has been elected "INNOVATOR OF THE YEAR" by the Research and Planning Group for California Community Colleges and the Statewide Academic Senate for Promising Outcomes Work and Exemplary Research (POWER). He is honored for

  • Development of the Program Improvement Objectives (PIO) survey and reporting tool which aggregates all information entered into one document
  • Coordination and leadership for Student Learning Outcomes and Assessment including the development of a new program to collect program and course assessments
  • Helping move forward the assessment of the General Education outcomes as chair of the General Education Committee
  • Chairing of the Distance Learning Committee
  • Developing the Gorilla Survey tool, used by many on campus

I just want to state my gratitude to Jon for his contributions to college planning over the past year. Much of the work I just mentioned had a direct and positive impact on Ohlone's planning processes and on our accreditation report. Congratulations Jon!