2nd Annual Gender and Sex Fair - Communication Studies Department

The Communication Studies Department and STEP Up Ohlone are sponsoring the Second Annual Gender Sex Fair at Ohlone College.

  • Wednesday, April 19, 2017
  • 11:00am - 1:00pm
  • Fremont campus portables (between FP-11, FP-12, and FP-19)

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month.

Tables/Booths are encouraged to be interactive, as well as informative, with brochures and or fliers to handout as well other giveaways. Themes for the booths fit into one of the five listed categories.

  1. Feminist Politics
  2. Disciplining and Liberating Bodies
  3. Beyond Binary Sexualities
  4. Challenging Hegemonic Masculinities
  5. Disrupting Gendered Violence

We have over 20 Booths for this year!

  • Women in Engineering Club
  • Ohlone College Forensics Team - Gender Nihilism
  • Biology Department - The Biology of Sex
  • Ohlone College Communication Labs - Make Your Own Pussy Hat
  • Ohlone College Library
  • Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment
  • Man Up - Reactions to Hyper-masculinity
  • The Hijab vs. American Feminine Ideals: Liberation or Objectification
  • The Hijab
  • Two Spirit
  • Pro-Choice/Po-Life/Abortion
  • Ohlone Multicultural Anthropology Club
  • What is BDSM?
  • Ohlone College Faculty Senate - PRIDE Survey "How LGBTQ friendly is our college?"
  • Ohlone College Transfer Center
  • Tri-City Health Center
  • Slut Shaming and Women's Sexual Empowerment
  • StepUp/Ohlone College Health Center
  • What is Intersex?
  • Responses to the "F - Feminism" Word
  • Period Shaming
  • Sexuality and (dis)Ability
  • And more on Gender Neutral Bathrooms, Gender Neutral Pronouns, Safe Sex, and Consent

Everyone is welcome!

For more information, contact Brenda Ahntholz at bahntholz@ohlone.edu and Larissa Favela at lfavela@ohlone.edu.