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Most mental health programs within the California Community College system operate on a short-term therapy model.  To ensure that students who need ongoing care beyond what campus-based services can provide and to improve the referral process, Ohlone College is spearheading a pilot workforce development program to train students on navigating community-based mental health care services.  Students undergo an intensive eight-week training program on a wide range of mental health issues based on a wellness and resiliency curriculum and are introduced to mental health agencies in Alameda County that may be part of the linkage to care network.  We are pleased to host students from four campuses in this inaugural cohort: Berkeley City College, Chabot College, Laney College, and Ohlone College.  This program is generously funded by Alameda County Behavioral Health’s Workforce Development, Education and Training Division. 




Ariana Cruz, Ohlone College

Ariana Cruz

Ariana is a mental health navigator at Ohlone college where she helps students obtain resources for mental health support. She is a Sociology major and hopes to transfer to a UC in Fall 2021. Ariana enjoys traveling, thrilling outdoor activities, and spending time with her family, and also enjoys the occasional days at home to binge Netflix series while drinking matcha green tea.





Chandler Macik, Berkeley City College

Ariana Cruz







Christian Aleman, Ohlone College

Christian Aleman Headshot

Christian is a Mental Health Navigator at Ohlone College. Under this title, he helps his peers transition to local therapeutic resources. He is a second year in college, and hopes to transfer to a UC next Fall. He is a Psychology major and the Inter-Club Council Chair of the Associated Students of Ohlone College. In his free time, he enjoys participating in Production and Stagecraft and learning about different cultures and languages. In the future, he wants to specialize in intercultural therapy. Currently, he is fluent in Spanish and is working towards proficiency in ASL. He hopes you have a good time with the new challenges presented with online learning.






Clinishia Wilson Oneal, Berkeley City College

Ariana Cruz







Kimberly Hernandez, Ohlone College

Ariana Cruz







Octavia McKinney, Berkeley City College


Hello my name is Octavia. I am student at Berkeley City College taking the Health Social Work Certificate Program. I was recently accepted, and now enrolled at UC Berkeley.  I plan on getting a degree in Social Work, and a minor in Public Health. I want to work with African American women who have or are experiencing intimate partner violence. This is my passion, and the healing of the African American family as a whole.






Richard Chen, Laney College

Ariana Cruz







Sara Suboh, Ohlone College

Sara Suboh

Sara is a mental health navigator at Ohlone college where she helps students navigate the transition from campus-based to community-based mental health services. She is a business major and hopes to transfer to a CSU in Fall 2021. Her goal for this year is to promote positive mental health. Sara enjoys traveling, photography, spending time with family and friends, and enjoying life to the fullest.






Sarah Corrao, Chabot College

Sarah Corrao

Sarah is a Mental Health Navigator at Chabot College where she helps students navigate the transition from campus based to community based Mental Health Services.  She just started at Chabot and is pursuing a Certificate in Intercultural Studies.  She has worked for many years in Student Services at several local institutions of Higher Education. She holds a Master's degree in Higher Education Administration. Sarah is a yoga enthusiast, an active Girl Scout Leader, and enjoys any activity that gets her moving outside.





Tyler Bennett, Berkeley City College

Ariana Cruz







Peer Mental Health Navigators