About the Computer Applications in Biotechnology Certificate of Accomplishment

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The field of computer applications in biotech is a complex hybrid of two distinct scientific disciplines - computer technology and bioscience. This certificate is designed to provide an understanding of bioinformatics and other computer related subjects for students whether or not they possess a background in bioscience. This program is also useful for any student who desires to explore this new information science in which computers help to simulate, visualize, and analyze genetic and biological information. This cetificate provides an introduction to the fundamental scientific and computational concepts, methods, and tools central to the growing field of computer applications in biotech.

Students who complete this program will be able to do the following:

  • Explain in writing the cutting-edge biological concepts and technologies in biotechnology
  • Use the main databases, tools, and methods for the storage, searching, and analysis of biological molecules
  • Solve computational problems common to bioinformatics and apply classical computer science solutions to biotechnology
  • Use the statistical analysis software systems for data analysis and manipulation with emphasis on bioinformatics tasks
  • Describe the basic fundamentals of cells, major cellular components, DNA, and proteins
  • Use basic sequence analysis techniques in bioinformatics.
  • Apply fundamental algorithms in biomolecular sequence analysis to problem solving in biotechnology

Students must complete the following requirements (documents described as PDF files require the free Adobe Reader program):

For more information about Ohlone College's Biotechnology Program contact:

Bob Bradshaw

Dean, Science, Engineering, and Mathematics Division
(510) 659-6024

For more information about Biotechnology Programs in Northern California, contact the Northern California Biotechnology Center.

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