About Forensics Tournaments - Communication Studies Department

Preparation Before a Tournament

  1. Be on time when leaving for a tournament! Late-comers will be left behind.
  2. When a team van is available, you must travel with the team.
  3. Dress professionally! Dress as you would for a job interview. Suits, ties, dress shoes, dresses, blazers, slacks - are all appropriate attire at tournaments. Remember you are a representative of Ohlone College!
  4. When traveling to tournaments be certain to inform your instructors why you will be absent. Turn in assignments and take exams PRIOR TO LEAVING FOR A TOURNAMENT. Most instructors will accommodate you if you keep them informed. If you notify me in advance, I will give you a letter of excuse.
  5. Exhibit sensitivity to various cultures and life styles at all times.

While at the Tournament…

  1. Be courteous to and respectful of your judges and competitors. Do not ask a judge how you did in a round or how long your speech was. It is considered rude and the rules forbid judges from disclosing this information.
  2. No illegal, illicit drugs are allowed (e.g. marijuana, crack, cocaine, smack, angel dust, speed). Drinking alcohol is prohibited at tournaments for all members. If you are over 21, do not provide alcoholic beverages for younger members of the team. Use or possession will result in expulsion from the team, failing grade in the class, and disciplinary action from the College.
  3. Van rides and hotel stays are a great way to build team spirit. You may have to room with up to 3 other people. Courteousness and respect for privacy are essential.
  4. It is mandatory that you attend all of your rounds at tournaments. If you miss a round, locate the judge and explain why you missed the round. Ask the judge if you can still deliver your speech. Also, notify me immediately! We can talk with the judge if necessary.
  5. Don't forget to eat! Use your free time for eating.
  6. No coed rooms.
  7. Lights, TVs, radios, visitors out at 11:00 p.m.
  8. Never leave the hotel area without telling me. This is a very important rule for legal, safety and other reasons.