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Students with faculty.Ohlone's journalism program has a long and distinguished history. Vol. 1, No. 1 of Ohlone's first student newspaper, then named the Saints' Herald, was published Nov. 2, 1967. At that time, Ohlone was housed in a former convent on Washington Boulevard. Ohlone's present campus did not open until the mid- 1970s, so, in a sense, there was a campus newspaper even before there was a campus.

Monitor staff.Through the years, the Monitor has been highly regarded in the journalism community, winning more than its share of awards in state wide competitions sponsored by the Journalism Association of Community Colleges. The Monitor has also proved itself as a training ground for journalists, with former Monitor staff members working in newspaper, radio and TV jobs around the state.

The Monitor -
Ohlone's Award Winning Newspaper

Student named Petra.The Monitor is as much like a commercial newspaper as we can make it, within the academic framework. Student editors assign stories to reporters and photographers. Page editors place the stories and write the headlines. Advertising sales workers contact business owners and design the ads.

Student named Cobb.When the issue comes out, the staff takes the credit, or the blame. Students learn to balance the value of individual initiative and the value of teamwork.Editors depend on writers to turn in their stories on time, but writers depend on their own skills to get the facts straight. In the end, each issue of the Monitor is a group effort and an individual effort. Students learn the necessity of planning, get many forms of feedback on their work, and walk away with real-life experience in an attractive field of employment.

You may also read the Monitor online.

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