About the Student Health Center

The Ohlone Student Health Center's services are provided through a collaborative effort by Washington Township Health Care District and Ohlone Community College District.

The Student Health Center is supported in whole by the student Health Services Fee. The Health Services Fee provides primary care for minor illnesses and injury by a nurse practiioner and also provides over the counter medications, physicals, and health education materials and videos.

All students who have paid the Student Health Services Fee for the current semester, including those with waivers, are welcome to use the Health Center, even those with private insurance. You do not need to have health insurance to use the Student Health Center. Most services are included in your health fee. Low cost services include pregnancy testing, immunizations, flu shots, tuberculosis (TB) tests, lab work, and gynocological exams.

All primary care visits and physicals are done at the Fremont campus in Room 7302, Building 7, third floor. The Student Health Center operates a small service satellite center at the Ohlone College Newark Center campus. Services are limited to health science consults, immunizations and tuberculosis (TB) tests. Please call (510) 659-6258 for information.

All information exchanged at the Health Center is confidential between you and your provider. The Health Center will never call your home or send mail to your home without your permission.

Staff and students participating in a No Smoking Walk.Ciggybuttz (left) getting ready for a Fun Run!

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