Vision, Mission, Values, and Goals 2015-2020 - About Ohlone College

Vision Statement

Ohlone College will be known throughout California for our inclusiveness, innovation, and exceptional student success.

Mission Statement

Ohlone College responds to the educational and workforce needs of our diverse community by offering high quality instruction supporting basic skills, career development, university transfer, and personal enrichment, and by awarding associate degrees and certificates to eligible students. Ohlone is a safe, innovative, multicultural, and inclusive environment where successful learning and achievement are highly valued, supported, and continually assessed.

The tenets of the mission statement are the roots from which the college goals and objectives grow, intimately and organically connected. The goals and objectives exhibit the characteristics of the mission and give the college its unique identity. Ohlone College’s identity is that of a
learning college, and it is characterized as a college that:

  1. Creates substantive change in individual learners;
  2. Engages learners as full partners in the learning process;
  3. Creates and offers as many options for learning as possible;
  4. Assists learners to form and participate in collaborative learning activities;
  5. Defines the roles of learning facilitators by the needs of the learners; and
  6. Succeeds only when improved and expanded learning can be documented for its learners.

Core Value

We empower students and employees to achieve at their fullest potential, encouraging all to engage in ongoing learning through high quality education and continuous institutional improvement.
We actively reach out to and support students and employees from various backgrounds, socio-economic groups, ages, and abilities to explore their interests in order to define and fulfill their goals. We strive for a diverse workforce that honors and upholds the contributions of all.
We strive to be risk-takers in order to generate new ideas in college planning and the curriculum that inspire students, faculty, and staff to optimize student learning. We endeavor to meet the entrepreneurial and technological needs of the college community to serve and support students.
We practice transparent communication, emphasizing respect, trust, and honesty among students, employees, and the communities we serve in a climate where everyone feels heard and engaged.
We engage in shared governance to provide an exemplary model of stewardship for human, financial, physical, technological, and environmental resources to maximize institutional effectiveness and efficiency.
We provide the necessary tools and support to assist students and employees in defining goals, and measuring their success by the attainment of those goals.

College Goals

Consistent with its vision, mission, identity, and values, the college pursues the following goals for 2015-2020:

Goal 1
Through innovative programs and services, improve student learning and achievement.
Goal 2
Provide relevant sustainable Career and Technical Education (CTE) that is responsive to student needs, supports student academic success, and prepares students to meet industry needs.
Goal 3
Increase college and community understanding and awareness of, and sensitivity to, diverse cultures and perspectives.
Goal 4
Create an understanding of, and commitment to, equity across the college that ensures access and success for underrepresented and disproportionately impacted students.
Goal 5
Ensure the college provides access to high quality courses and programs that meet the diverse educational needs of the community.
Goal 6
Use human, fiscal, technological, and physical resources responsibly, effectively, efficiently, and sustainably to maximize student learning and achievement, using established planning processes.
Goal 7
Strengthen institutional effectiveness through the engagement of all members of the college community in innovation, participation, communication, improvement, compliance, and continual assessment.

Adopted by the Board of Trustees 6/10/2015.