Where is the faculty break room?

During the construction at the Fremont campus, there are temporary staff lounges located in Hyman Hall and Buildings 4, 5, 6, and 7 (Fremont Campus Map). For the exact locations and usage of these areas, please contact your Academic Division Office.

On the Newark campus, there are two staff lounges located on the second floor. One is located in Wing 3 (Room NC2310) and the second one is located in Wing 4 (Room NC2408). The staff lounges are equipped with a refrigerator, microwave, sink, and cupboards. A key is required to access each of these locations and can be requested through your Dean's Office. In addition to the break rooms, café tables are located in the first floor main lobby.

How do I get one of those lockers in the faculty break room?

Check with Human Resources (Building 19, Fremont campus). Lockers are issued on a first come-first serve basis.

Can I get an Ohlone email account?

Yes, ask your Dean's Executive Assistant to submit a request for you to have an email account or for network access. Please note that for all Ohlone College announcements, your Ohlone email account will be used.

How do I get a parking permit?

Employees can obtain a parking permit from the Security Office in Building 20 (Fremont Campus Map). See also Parking Information.

Newark campus employees can obtain a parking permit from the Campus Police Services (CPS) office located at the Fremont campus, Building 20. Arrangements can be made with Campus Police to have the permit picked up at the Newark Center CPS office (Room NC1001, first floor, off the lobby).

Is there an office I can use to hold office hours for my students?

At the Fremont campus, contact your Dean regarding availability of Hoteling Offices for adjunct faculty.

At the Newark campus, due to the limited number of faculty hoteling offices available, you will need to contact your Dean regarding availability. Faculty can also reserve a private room in the Newark Center Learning Resource Center. Further information can be located on the Library/LRC website.

Where can I get access to a computer when I am on campus?

At the Newark campus, Office NC2221 (second floor, Wing 2) has two Microsoft Windows desktop computers available for faculty use. A key is required to access this office and can be requested through your Dean's office.

Where can I make copies?

For copies of handouts, syllabi, tests, etc., pick up a duplicating request form on the table in the Mailroom and submit your request in advance. Please allow three days for normal requests.

You may obtain a copy code from the Dean's Executive Secretary to make your own copies in the Duplicating Center in Central Services, Fremont campus. Each user has a limit of 125 pages for each period with codes changed on Monday and Thursday of each week. Save this copying for small jobs.

Additional information on copying and duplicating is provided in the Faculty Handbook and on the Central Services (Mailroom and Duplicating) website.

At the Newark campus, for large duplication orders, orders can be submitted via email to the Mailroom/Duplication Center located at the Fremont campus. You can then specify to have your order delivered to the Newark Center mailroom (Room NC2311, second floor, Wing 3). For further instructions, please go to Newark Center Mail and Duplicating Services on the Central Services website.

For smaller duplicating needs at the Newark campus, a copier is located in Office NC2221, second floor, Wing 2. A key is required to access this room and an access code is required to use the copier. Both the key and access code can be requested through your Dean's office. Each access code as a limit of 500 pages per semester.

Please be conscious of the environmental impact you have when printing. Many faculty use the college course management system "Canvas" to upload their class documents and make them available online to their students. To request a "Canvas" account, go to the Faculty Getting Started page of the eCampus website.

Who is responsible for copyright permissions?

You are. The forms for requesting permission are available from the Mailroom and from the Dean's Executive Secretary. The permission must be obtained before duplicating can make copies of the material. Please plan ahead. If you need additional help regarding out of print books or publisher information, please contact the Textbook Coordinator in the Ohlone College Bookstore.

Who produces my syllabus?

You do. Once you have typed your Microsoft Word document take a clean copy to the Mailroom, fill out a duplicating request and be sure to mark green paper (since a syllabus is commonly referred to as a "Greensheet" at Ohlone). Always include your name, the semester, and the course number on all editions of your syllabus.

How do I request a desk copy of the text or supplemental readings?

You may obtain a desk copy request from the Dean's Executive Secretary or you may request directly on-line from the publisher or from the publisher's representative. If you have been hired too close to class starting for the desk copy to arrive, contact the Textbook Coordinator in the Ohlone College Bookstore so you can complete paperwork to "borrow" a copy from the bookstore (to be replaced by your desk copy). PLEASE NOTE: If you continue to use the same textbook, the Bookstore will simply reorder based on your class sizes, but Supplemental Readings must be ordered each semester even if they do not change.

Do I have to sign up for a class to use the Fitness Center?

No. Ohlone College has developed an Employee Fitness and Wellness Program.

Is there a way to check my class roster without going to Admissions and Records?

Yes. Ohlone uses a web-based program called MyOhlone to manage student registration, as well as other information. Go to https://accounts.ohlone.edu to create your Ohlone account.

How do I get contact information regarding my students?

MyOhlone displays the email address and phone number provided by the student.

How do I request audio-visual material?

Forms are available in the Mailroom, on the Library website or contact the Media Center for more information on what is available. Ohlone College also has video conferencing capabilities.

What databases does the Library have?

The Library databases.

To find out more about library services for your students, stop by and talk to a librarian or email them at Ask a Librarian. Join us on:

What do I have to do to arrange a field trip?

Field trips should be arranged through your academic Dean's office. The process will depend on where you plan to take the students and how you plan to arrange transportation. PLAN AHEAD and give yourself time to complete the required process.

FYI, Ohlone College offers many support services for your students including: