Last Updated: January 16, 2020


What is the Schedule of the Move?

Academic Core Buildings Floor Plans

For reasonable accommodation in viewing these floor plans, please contact Leticia Perez (

General Contact for the Transition and Move

Do you have specific questions about the transition and move in general? Please reach out to your respective deans. They are your move coordinators.

Arts - Dean Chris Warden (
Business and Technology - Dean Lesley Buehler (
Languages, Communication, and Academic Success - Dean Mark Lieu (
Science, Engineering, and Mathematics - Dean Lori Silverman, Ph.D. (
Social Sciences - Dean Ghada Masri, Ph.D. (

For general questions, please direct them to the Transition Planning Management team.

Dianne Hess
Transition Executive
Gilbane Transition Planning and Management (TPM)

Robert Dias
Director of Measure G
Ohlone Community College District


Move Communication - 11/05/2019

As you can see from the increased activity around campus, the Academic Core Buildings are nearing completion and are scheduled to be occupied for Spring 2020 semester beginning on January 27th.  In anticipation of your move into the new buildings, the Steering Committee wanted to give you a brief update on the schedule and what to expect in preparing for your upcoming move.


Attached is general information and a high-level schedule that will be updated with more detail as it firms up.  As you can see, time to get everyone into the building with enough time to prepare for the Spring semester is limited so we will be depending on everyone’s participation to properly prepare to meet the dates for your move.



  • Our team cannot be responsible for moving any personal objects.  Please plan on taking them home prior to leaving the office. 
  • Electronics – computers, monitors and peripheral items will be disconnected and reconnected in your new office.  Please take home any personal electronics – only District items will be moved.
  • Anything that is not packed up, labeled and ready to go will be considered disposable and handled appropriately.
  • If you have District owned items that you will not be moving to the new building (furniture, supplies, equipment), please move forward with registering the items for surplus using the Purchasing Department’s process.  If the items are not suitable for re-use, fill out the form indicating the items are to be disposed per the normal process.  If you have questions on this process, you can contact the Ohlone Purchasing Department for instructions.
  • Disposal bins will be placed in designated locations for convenient removal of unwanted items
  • Packing supplies will also be available to pick up from centrally located areas for your convenience. 
  • The locations for these items will be communicated to you as soon as they are identified.


  • Your Dean and/or Department Administrative Manager will assist in communicating updated information and will be your contact for questions and direction.
  • Faculty office moves will begin on Saturday, December 14th.  You will need to be packed before you leave for the Winter break on Friday, December 13th.   
  • Administrative offices need to be packed up by Friday, December 20th
  • Flat boxes with lids will be used to pack all offices.  Each box will need to be labelled with your name and assigned location in the new buildings.  We will be providing boxes, labels and directions over the next few weeks.
  • Remember that space is limited in the new offices so prioritizing items to be moved will be important.


  • We have met with most of you since my August 29th email.  If we have not visited since that time, please contact me as soon as possible to make arrangements for a brief planning session.
  • If you have met with the move team since then, we will continue to work with you over the next several weeks in preparing for your discussed specialty pre-packing, final packing and moves.  
  • Your items will be packed in large plastic totes that will stack on dollies and moved to the new space.
  • Each crate will need to be labeled with your name and location in the new buildings
  • As discussed in our recent meetings, we will begin delivering these crates and any requested boxes early so that you can begin pre-packing.  Please let me know when you are ready for these items and we can arrange delivery
  • We understand that with the winter break, most of you will be not be available during some or most of the actual move process.  If possible, having a representative of your team on hand during your move would be greatly appreciated.  We find that having a subject matter expert available to give direction if needed is quite helpful.  If no one is available, we will work with you prior to the move to clarify any questions that we may have for your particular space.   There will be time between the moves and the beginning of the semester to fine tune any issues that may arise.

Again, attached is a high-level preparation and move schedule for your planning.  Please keep in mind it is a dynamic schedule and might need to be changed along the way and relevant changes will be communicated to you all as soon as possible. Our goal is to get everyone in the building as quickly as possible with minimal disruption and maximum efficiency.  Any help you can give us to meet these goals will be greatly appreciated.


This will be the first of ongoing communications to help you in your planning process.  We hope you all are as eager and excited as we are to get everyone moved and situated in your new space in anticipation of a successful Spring 2020 semester.


If you have questions or need guidance, please do not hesitate to contact me via email:


Dianne Hess – Transition Executive

Gilbane Transition Planning and Management (TPM)


Keys and Key Cards Communication - 12/12/2019

General Frequently Asked Questions

Where will my new office be located?

What furniture will my new office include in the ACB?

Keep in mind the offices are designed for a more collaborative environment and are clustered in a way to encourage this strategy.  Furniture is minimal yet ergonomically and aesthetically designed.  Each office layout will be different based on the configuration of the space, but will generally include:

  • adjustable height desk
  • shelving
  • overhead cabinet where allowed by construction
  • guest seating
  • ergonomic task chair

The Office furniture document will give you an idea of the furniture in your office. If you need reasonable accommodation in viewing this document, please reach out to Leticia Perez at

What does a typical faculty office look like?

Here are some photos of actual faculty offices in the new buildings.

Faculty Office 1

Faculty office without window

Faculty Office 2

Faculty Office (Interior location)

Faculty Office 3

Faculty Office 3

Faculty Office 4

Faculty Office 4

Faculty Office 5

Faculty Office 5

What about bookcases and file cabinets? Will there be enough space in my office?

Private office space is minimal and additional furniture may not fit in most of the spaces. The square footage of the offices are in accordance with the College standard adopted in October 2013. This is an opportunity for you to declutter and prioritize your belongings to simplify the office environment.

These design principles were instrumental in the buildings receiving highly regarded LEED certification.

If you feel you need to add existing bookcases and/or file cabinets you may. However, keep in mind that the office has to comply with ADA access.


Preparing, Packing, and Moving Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I pick up packing boxes? What if there is no more packing boxes available?

The following centrally located areas have been designated as move supply pick up locations for faculty office moves.

Campus Location
Fremont Campus

Hyman Hall (2nd floor, ELC Area)


FP-26 (Behind the Breakroom through the Division Assistant of Science, Engineering, and Math)

FP-30 (in front of the Mailroom area)

Bldg. 4 (outside of Rm. 4304)

Newark Campus Inside the Administrative Office (Rm. NC-1217)


These areas will be refreshed with supplies on the following dates - Nov. 12 (Tue), Nov. 19 (Tue), Dec. 2 (Mon), and Dec. 9 (Mon).

If you find that there are no boxes in these areas and you cannot wait for the refresh date, please contact Dianne Hess at – Subject: Ohlone Box Delivery.

Once my boxes are packed, how do I identify where they are to be moved? What if I ran out of colored labels? What do I include on my labels?

Various colored labels will be delivered to the pick up locations beginning November 12th.  Please only take as many labels as you think you will need.

The color coded label designation is as follows:

Building Label Color Code
Building 1 (Science Center) Red
Building 2 (Arts Building) Green
Building 3 (Learning Commons) Yellow
Other Buildings Black


You can temporarily label your packed boxes with sticky notes until you receive additional labels.

Labels. The label should include your last name and your new location office number. Please see the General FAQs for your specific location and office number.

What do I do with personal items?

The College or the movers cannot be responsible for the relocation of personal items.  It is strongly suggested that you remove them from your office and put in car or take home.  If you pack a personal item in a box and it gets damaged, we cannot be responsible.  Please take responsibility for these items.

Items such as books, pencils, pens, and notebooks may be placed in a packing box and labeled appropriately for the movers to move them to your new office location.

What do I do with college-owned and personal appliances?

This is a good time to surrender college-owned appliances such as heaters and fans. Please leave them at your current offices. Facilities will pick them up later and do an inventory.

If you have personal appliances such as a mini-fridge, microwave, fans, and heaters in your office, please make sure to bring these items home with you before you leave on the winter break. Please note that the portables will no longer be physically accessible starting the winter break.

What should I do with unwanted items that are still usable and I do not want to throw them away?

Many of you have items that are still serviceable but you do not want those moved  to your new locations (or take home). In order to minimize the amount of stuff that will go in the trash, there are two long counters at the back of the English Learning Center (HH-217) where you can bring things you no longer want. There are signs to loosely organize these items brought in – pens, paper, office supplies, books, binders, etc. FREE signs so that anyone (including students and you) can take anything that is brought in.

If you have any questions about bringing items in this location, please contact Dean Mark Lieu at

For College owned equipment you do not want to move with you, please reach out to your division dean. They would know how to start the surplusing process, in accordance with Ohlone's asset disposal and recycle policies and procedures.

Where can I recycle documents containing sensitive information?

A Shred Bin is found at the Mailroom (FP-30). You can securely put in these bins documents that you typically want to shred. Ohlone has a contracted service for shredding documents with sensitive information.

Where and when do I pick up my building and office keys?

What about my computer and phone? Do I need to put in an IT Services work order/ticket?

It is highly suggested that you take your laptop and appropriate power adapter home with you when you leave for the holidays.  The movers will disconnect and reconnect all College owned equipment at your new location.  We will pack these items in a large ziplock bag with a destination label and will move along with your other items. 

Again, we request that you take any personal electronic and electrical equipment with you when you leave.  We cannot be responsible for personal electrical and electronic items.

How do I know if I am ready to go?

When the movers show up to move your office, we would like it to look like the example below.  This is an actual office on the Ohlone campus that was packed up early and is ready to go.

 Clean Office 1  Clean Office 2

This is an example of how your office should look when you leave for the Winter Vacation on Friday, December 13th.

  • File cabinets empty and packed
  • Personal items taken home
  • Office items packed in boxes
  • Boxes labeled with new room number and name
  • Laptop & personal electronics removed
  • Electronic equipment labeled and ready to go

After Moving Frequently Asked Questions

Academic Core Bldg Welcome Letter - 1/15/2020

Where and when do I pick up my building and office keys?

Key issuance information

UPDATE. Keys for Building 1 & 3 are now projected to be available for pick up at Campus Police Services (Fremont Campus, Building #20) starting Tuesday, January 21, 2020

As a reminder, brass keys for the new buildings will be different from the rest of the college.  These new keys will be issued to college employees to open their assigned ACB offices, storage cabinets and doors to rooms with which they are authorized to access and not controlled by an electronic card reader. The ordering of brass keys is handled through the division offices. 

How do I submit a request to address an issue I have in my office?

This section will be updated as soon as the procedure is finalized with the deans.

I would like to update the name sign in my office, how do I do this?

Please reach out to your division dean. They have been given the template to make the room signs. The room signs follow the font style given by the designers/architects.

Where can I pick up damage free hanging materials for my posters and frames?

Please reach out the nearest division office (Science, Engineering and Math, Social Sciences, Kinesiology, Athletics, and Arts, and Language, Communication, and Academic Success). The division office has these materials. Please do not use nails or screws to hang them in order not to damage the walls and paints. 

I submitted my issue with a dean, what is the status?

Here is a log of all requests submitted through the division deans.