Administration of Justice Courses

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A sampling of courses for this discipline includes (not a complete list):

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  • AJ-101 Administration of Justice
  • AJ-102 Criminal Law
  • AJ-104 Criminal Evidence
  • AJ-106 Criminal Procedure
  • AJ-107 Criminal Investigation
  • AJ/ANTH-108 Introduction to Forensic Anthropology
  • AJ-115 Cyber Crime
  • AJ-116 Criminalistics
  • AJ-117 Police and Society
  • AJ-118 Criminology
  • AJ-119/PSY-104 Murder in America
  • AJ-121/PS-106 Constitutional Law and the United States
  • AJ-123 Terrorism
  • AJ-131 Administration of Juvenile Justice
  • AJ-135 Drug Enforcement
  • AJ-220 Basic Police Academy
  • AJ-223 Canine Update
  • AJ-227/229 Basic Police Academy - Modular
  • AJ-235 Drug Investigation 11550
  • AJ-237 Field Training Officer
  • AJ-240 Advanced Officer Training
  • AJ-242 Police Supervisor
  • AJ-245 City Police Academy
  • AJ-245A1 Citizen Police Academy
  • AJ-246A Law Enforcement Field Training Program
  • AJ-247 Field Training Officer - Update
  • AJ-248 Instructor Development
  • AJ-251 Basic Fingerprint
  • AJ-253A Homicide Investigation
  • AJ-254 Police Supervisor - Update
  • AJ-255 Search Warrant Investigator
  • AJ-257 Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT)
  • AJ-258 Street Gang Training
  • AJ-260/261/262 Skills and Knowledge Modular Training
  • AJ-260A2/3 Skills and Knowledge Modular Training
  • AJ-265 Crisis Intervention Team Training
  • AJ-274A Bicycle Patrol
  • AJ-276 Rural Crime School
  • AJ-277 Radar/Linar Training

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Student Learning Outcomes

Administration of Justice AA Degree

  1. Examine historical and current events in criminal psychology such as analyzing psychological and sociological theories of killers/offenders and their victims.
  2. Examine the role of police within the United States.
  3. Apply appropriate investigative and forensic techniques to analyze crime scenes, collect and preserve evidence for laboratory analysis, and maintain and preserve chain of evidence to prepare for testimony and to provide prosecution with evidence to convict.
  4. Examine the workings of the criminal justice system by applying key definitions, concepts and principles to law enforcement, courts, and correctional settings.