See also Preferred Classes and MyOhlone.

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Adding Classes (Registration After the Start of Class)

Students should refer to the appropriate Academic Calendar for important registration dates. Students are expected to enroll in full-term classes by the date listed on the Academic Calendar on the Ohlone website.

To add a class after the last day to add without add authorization code, students must obtain an Add Authorization Code from the instructor. Students will log on to their MyOhlone student account and use the Add Authorization Code to enroll in the class. It is the student's responsibility to enroll in the class using the Add Authorization Code issued by the instructor. Students should refer to the Academic Calendar for more information regarding registration deadlines.

Per Title 5 of the California Code of Regulations under no circumstances will a student be allowed to enroll in a class after the last date to drop the class with a W.

Dropping Classes or Withdrawing

Students should refer to the appropriate Academic Calendar for add and drop deadlines for full-term classes and other important dates. The Academic Calendar does not apply to self-paced classes, short-term classes, year-long classes, or classes meeting more or less than the full semester. For classes with 10 or fewer meeting times, the drop deadline is before the class begins. Students may use MyOhlone to drop a full-term class through the last day to drop with a W. Students who drop classes after the 20% point of class meetings will receive a W grade. However, a W grade is not punitive.

Female Chemistry students writes in notebook.Students are responsible for the proper revision of their class schedules. Students who stop a class are responsible for verifying the drop through their MyOhlone portal. If this is not done the student may be registered in the class to the end of the semester, receive an F grade, and be charged for the class.

Instructor permission is not required to drop a class.

Students may be dropped from classes by the instructor if they do not attend the first or second class meeting or for excessive absences. However, students are ultimately responsible for withdrawing from a class that they no longer plan to attend. Failure to do so can result in a failing grade being issued by the instructor and charges being issued for the class.

Female student sitting against Palm Bosque tree trunk on Fremont campus.Per Title 5 of the California Code of Regulations, students are restricted in the number of W grades they may receive in the same course. Once a student has three Ws in the same course at Ohlone College, the student will be restricted from registering for the course again. Any grade received by a student, including a W, counts as an enrollment.

Excused Withdraws

Excused withdrawals can be petitioned when a drop is needed for reasons or events beyond your control affecting your ability to complete the class. The Excused Withdraw (EW) will not be counted toward the permitted number of withdrawals or counted as an enrollment attempt, nor will it be counted in progress probation and dismissal calculations. The EW does not generate a refund (Title V 55024 Section e). Approved EW petitions may affect your financial aid SAP and awards. Students must describe in detail and attach documentation of extenuating circumstances (ex. doctor’s note, death certificate, etc.), which are defined as verified cases of accidents, illnesses or other circumstances beyond the control of the student. You must file this petition within 3 years of completing the class, and allow a minimum of 5 weeks for processing. EW grades are not an option for any course that was completed prior to the colleges implementation of the grade in the spring of 2020. Please make sure all supporting documentation is attached to the Excused Withdrawal form before submitting to the Admissions office. If you have any additional questions regarding the excused withdrawal process, please contact the admissions office.

Drops/Withdrawals Due to Non-Payment

Students should refer to the appropriate Academic Calendar for important dates.

Each time a student registers for a class, a confirmation will be given in MyOhlone and the student will receive a automatic email message. Students have seven (7) calendar days to make payment arrangements for their enrolled classes. If payment has not been processed via the student finance section of MyOhlone or by the Cashier's Office by midnight on the seventh day, students may be dropped from those specific classes. The dereg for non-payment process runs up until the official start date of the semester. Once the term starts, students will no longer be dropped for non-payment, and the student must make sure to drop themselves before the refund deadline or be held accountable for payment. Once the waitlist process is run that day, any empty seats within classes will be filled by qualified students from the waitlists. Students dropped due to non-payment may register again for the course if there are available seats or may place themselves on the waitlist.

See also Policy for Dropping due to Non Payment.

Absence Due to Military Service

A student who is a member of an active or reserve United States military service and who receives orders compelling a withdrawal from courses should submit a Student Petition Form for a military withdrawal to the Admissions and Records with proof of such orders and receive a full refund for those courses (For Chapter 33 students, the school will return the tuition and fees to the VA). A “MW” symbol will be assigned. Military withdrawal will not be counted in progress probation, dismissal calculations, or in calculating the permitted number of withdrawals. Student can resubmit the application for admission upon return.

Students who are receiving the VA benefit and financial aid should be aware that withdrawing from a course or courses will have an impact on their benefit/financial aid status. Students are strongly encouraged to talk to the Financial Aid Department and the School Certifying Official.

For VA benefit, the benefits will be stopped as of the drop date reported for all classes. Students will be responsible to repaying the VA the funds received for such course(s) (BAH/Monthly assistance allowance), or submitting the Mitigating Circumstances to the VA.

If you are a Cal Grant recipient and have been called to active military duty, are entering military service, Peace Corps or VISTA, you may apply for a deferment for your Cal Grant for up to three years. Send the Military Deferment Request Cal Grant Programs form along with a copy of your orders to the California Student Aid Commission.