Last Day to Apply for Graduation

Are you finishing your Associate degree or certificate this semester? Apply for graduation with degrees or certificates using the Application for Degree/Certificate form (PDF) on or before:

  • Spring 2020: Friday, March 19, 2021

Steps to Apply for Degree or Certificates

Please follow these guidelines when requesting an Associate degree, Certificate of Achievement or Certificate of Accomplishment:

  1. Determine your major (academic program) here at Ohlone College. The major you intend to pursue at another college or at the university level is not necessarily the same major offered as a degree or certificate program at Ohlone.

    Happy graduates!If you are applying for an associate degree, you will need to decide which General Education pattern (available in the Ohlone College Catalog) you are going to use. There are three choices:

    1. Plan A - an associate degree from Ohlone College

    2. Plan B - an associate degree from Ohlone College and transferring to a California State University (CSU)

    3. Plan C - an associate degree from Ohlone College and transferring to a CSU campus or a University of California campus. When in doubt, it is best to consult with a counselor.

  2. A preliminary check done with a counselor is highly recommended. If a graduation worksheet is completed by the counselor, obtain a copy for yourself and also submit it with your application for a degree or certificate.

  3. Submit the Application for Degree or Certificate (PDF) (also known as the application for graduation). This form is available from counselors, at the Information Desk in the second floor lobby of Building 7 on the Fremont campus, from the Office of Admissions and Records, and on the A&R website as Application for Degree or Certificate (PDF).

    Applications must be received by the deadline to apply for graduation (check the Academic Calendar, the current semester's printed Class Schedule, or the College catalog for the deadline date). Generally, Fall semester applications for degrees and certificates are due in early October, Spring semester applications are due in early March, and Summer applications are due between the middle and end of June.

  4. The Application for Degree or Certificate may be submitted by mail or fax [(510) 659-7321] to the Office of Admissions and Records, or dropped off at the Fremont campus in the Student Services Drop Box in the second floor lobby of Building 7.

  5. Happy Graduate!


    1. If you are using coursework from another college to meet some of your requirements, we must receive an official transcript from each campus. Transcripts from another country must be translated and evaluated by a professional evaluation service acceptable to Ohlone College. See a counselor, the Office of Admissions and Records, or an evaluator for details.

    2. If we need old course descriptions, they must be from the catalog of the year in which the classes were completed. In other words, if you completed a class in the Fall of 1999, then the course description must be from the 1999-2000 catalog of the college attended.

    3. Approvals from the appropriate faculty or academic deans must be on file for any courses that are being waived or for which substitutions are used.

    4. Military discharge papers (form DD-214) must be on file for military service credit.

    All documents and information pertaining to your Application for Degree or Certificate should be on file by the end of the term in which you plan to receive your degree or certificate.

  6. Applications are not given a final review until after final grades for the term have been submitted by instructors and posted in our computer system. The final review of all applications is a lengthy process due to the large volume of applications received. Grades are posted for all students almost simultaneously. Any missing items from the above steps may significantly delay the processing of your application.

Please follow up with the Evaluations unit when you have questions by sending email inquiries to