All students are encouraged to meet with a counselor to review academic program requirements and/or have questions answered.

Catalog: Course Descriptions

Descriptions for all courses are available in the Ohlone College Catalog. Not all courses are offered each semester or academic year.

As shown in this screenshot from an Ohlone College Catalog, the list of sections (courses) includes for each section (course) offered:

  • Department name
  • Division name
  • Course ID and course name
  • Number of class hours
  • Number of units
  • Cross-referenced, Prerequisite, Advisory courses
  • Whether the course is Accepted for Credit at UC or CSU
  • Brief description of the course

Screenshot of a page in the course descriptions section of the Catalog.

Online Class Schedule: Course Descriptions

Descriptions for courses offered in a particular semester/term are available in the searchable online Class Schedule (Search for Sections) in WebAdvisor:

  1. From WebAdvisor's homepage, select Search for Sections
  2. Select the Term to search (example: 2011 Fall Semester)
  3. Select at least one other field (example: select a Subject, such as Art or Computer Science or History)
  4. Select the Submit button
  5. Each course ID and course name are linked to a course description. Select the course name link to view the course description.

As shown in this screenshot of Section Selection Results for Theatre and Dance classes, the list of sections (courses) includes for each section (course) offered:

  • Status
  • Location
  • Section Information (course ID and course name with link to course description)
  • Meeting Information (dates, time, room)
  • Faculty name
  • number of Available seats / Capacity in the class / number of students on the Waitlist
  • number of Credits
  • Comments or additional information

Screenshot of class schedule listing in WebAdvisor.

Questions about a Course Description

If you have questions about a course description, please contact the instructor for the course or Dean of the Division in which the course is offered.