Admissions & Records Forms

Image result for Data security icon  At Ohlone College we strive to ensure that all sensitive information is secure and treated with the greatest care.  For security purposes, all documents should be mailed, submitted in-person, or emailed through your email address only. Documents sent from a personal email address (anything other than a address) or through fax is discouraged, as it is susceptible to data breach. Please be sure to redact any Personal Identifiable information on your documents if you are only able to send documents through personal email or fax.

All documents submitted to the Admissions and Records Office will become the property of the Admissions and Records Office and will ONLY be released or copied in accordance with Federal / FERPA regulations. You are advised to maintain a copy of all documents submitted for your own records. Photocopied documentation is acceptable in the Admissions and Records Office with the exception of documentation requiring a "wet" (original) signature, as well as documentation used to confirm student identity and High School completion status. Photocopies made of original documentation required for the reasons mentioned above will need to be notarized, with a notary stamp and signature, if original cannot be given to the Admissions and Records Office.

Application and Enrollment Forms
Registration Forms
Appeals and Petitions
Changes to Student Records
Informational Forms
Releases and Waivers
Graduation, Transfer, or Verification