Final Exam Schedule Fall - Admissions and Records

Final exams of two hours each are required in all classes except those of an activity or performance nature and are to be given in accordance with this schedule.

For classes with labs, finals will be held in accordance with the lecture schedule. Classes that do not begin on the hour will adhere to the previous hour, i.e., all classes starting between 9:00am to 9:55am will go by the 9:00am exam time. Classes that meet one day or two days on MWF or those meeting four or five days a week have finals in accordance with the MWF schedule. Classes that meet Tuesday only or Thursday only have finals in accordance with TTh classes.

Faculty should not deviate from this Final Exams Schedule.

Day Classes Final Exams

Fall 2019 Exam Schedule - Day Classes
  Monday, December 9 Tuesday, December 10 Wednesday, December 11 Thursday, December 12 Friday, December 13
7:00am - 9:00am Classes meeting 8:00am MWF Classes meeting 8:00am TTh Classes meeting before 8:00am MWF Classes meeting before 8:00am TTh Classes meeting 11:00am MWF
9:30am - 11:30am Classes meeting 10:00am MWF Classes meeting 10:00am TTh Classes meeting 9:00am MWF Classes meeting 9:00am TTh Classes meeting 12:00pm TTh**
12:00pm - 2:00pm Classes meeting 1:00pm MWF Classes meeting 1:00pm TTh Classes meeting 12:00pm MWF Classes meeting 11:00am TTh Classes meeting 4:00pm MWF
2:30pm - 4:30pm Classes meeting 3:00pm MWF Classes meeting 3:00pm TTh Classes meeting 2:00pm MWF Classes meeting 2:00pm TTh Classes meeting 5:00pm TTh*/**
5:00pm - 7:00pm Classes meeting 6:00pm MWF* Classes meeting 6:00pm  TTh* Classes meeting 5:00pm MWF* Classes meeting 4:00pm TTh  

* Note:For purposes of scheduling final exams,“day classes” refers to classes that end prior to 7:00pm. Day Classes ending before 7:00pm follow the Day Finals Schedule; classes ending later than 7:00pm follow the Evening Finals Schedule. 

**Note: The final will be on a Friday even though regular class met on TTh.


Evening and Weekend Classes Final Exams

Finals for evening classes (classes that have at least part of their meeting time after 7:00pm) are held from 7:30pm to 9:30pm on the first regularly scheduled meeting of the class from December 9-13, 2019.

Finals for Saturday and Sunday classes are held on the day of the last scheduled meeting of the class, December 7-8, 2019.

All finals are to be two hours long.  Faculty should not deviate from this schedule.