FALL 2021 Late Start Classes
It’s Not Too Late! Take Fall 2021 Late Start Classes this October & November. Many Sections Still Available, Including Tuition Free Noncredit Offerings. Earn 0.5 to 5 Units Per Class. Visit the Late Start Webpage for More Details and Register Today!


Q. How do I become an Ohlone student?

The first step in becoming an Ohlone student is to submit an application. Apply online through  OpenCCC Apply. You can find the link on How to enroll. Your Student ID Number will be emailed to you 1-3 business days after your application has been completed. Make sure that your email account is set up to accept messages from Ohlone; all messages from Ohlone have Ohlone College in the subject line.

Students may choose to submit a paper application to the Admissions and Records Office on the Fremont campus or the Student Services Center on the Newark campus. You may download an Application Form (PDF).

The Enrollment Process is available online at How to Enroll. These are the steps to become an Ohlone student.

Q. How long will it take to get my Student ID Number?

If you submitted an online application your application will be downloaded and processed the next business day. Online applications take may 1-3 business days to be processed. If you submitted a paper application or are a Kindergarten-12th grade student you should allow 3-5 business days for your application to be processed. It will take longer for applications to be processed immediately prior to registration starting and at the beginning of each term.

Q. What do I do if I don't receive my Student ID Number after several business days?

You can email the Admissions and Records Office at admissions@ohlone.edu. Provide your full name, birthdate, and the last four (4) digits of your Social Security Number so staff can verify your identity and provide and update on your application.

Q. What information do I need to show for immigration and proof of residency?

Please refer to Residency for detailed residency and immigration information.

Q. I'm an international student. How do I apply?

Please refer to International Programs and Services for information for international students.

Q. I'm a Kindergarten-12th grade student interested in attending Ohlone. What do I need to do?

Kindergarten-12th grade students are required to submit a new application and Kindergarten-12th grade application packet every term. Please refer to Kindergarten-12th Grade Admission for detailed admissions and registration policies and procedures.


Q. How do I create a WebAdvisor account?

Step-by-step instructions on how to create a WebAdvisor account are available online. You'll need to have your Student ID Number, first and last name, birth date, and zip code to create your WebAdvisor account.

Q. I got a message about invalid data while trying to create my WebAdvisor account. What does that mean?

You received this message because the information you’re entering to create your WebAdvisor account doesn’t match your student record. The information you enter must match your student record perfectly; this happens to protect the confidentiality of your student record.

Most frequently students receive this error message because they moved or changed their last name since they last attended Ohlone. First try entering a former zip code or last name and see if that works. You also need to enter your birthdate in MMDDYYYY format (as in 12251991, if your birthdate is December 25, 1991) without any punctuation between the numbers.

If you still have trouble, you may contact the Admissions and Records Office to verify the information on your student record.

Q. How do I get my WebAdvisor username?

Your WebAdvisor username will be displayed after you finish creating your WebAdvisor Main Menu account. If you’ve forgotten your WebAdvisor username you may retrieve it by going to  WebAdvisor and clicking on "What is My WebAdvisor User Name." See also Forgot Your WebAdvisor Password or User ID?

Q. I forgot my WebAdvisor password. Can you give it to me?

Q. Can you give me my child's Student ID Number?

No; due to the federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 we are only allowed to give a Student ID Number or any other confidential information directly to the student, even if the student is a minor. Please have your student call Admissions and Records at (510) 659-6100 and we will be happy to help your student.

Q. Some of my classes in WebAdvisor say "register" and some say "add." What does that mean?

“Register” means that you registered for the class before the class began; “add” means you registered after the class began. Both designations indicate that you are officially registered.


Q. When can I register for the next term?

Continuing students are assigned the earliest registration times and receive a registration appointment based on having a declared academic program (major) and by the number of Ohlone units earned toward that program. Registration appointments are e-mailed to students prior to the start of registration.

New and former students receive the next opportunity to register but do not receive specific appointments. New and former students cannot register for classes until they have completed the admission process. For the academic calendar.

10th-12th grade students will be able to register for classes on the date specified on the permission packet and also published on the Admissions academic calendar. 10th-12th grade students cannot register for classes until they have completed the admission process.

Kindergarten-9th grade students receive the last opportunity to register, starting the first day of the term. Kindergarten-9th grade students cannot register for classes until they have completed the admission process.

All students may refer to the online Academic Calendar or the Academic Calendar in the printed Class Schedule for registration dates for the specific term.

Q. Where do I find information about classes?

WebAdvisor has the most up-to-date class information. Click on Search for Sections and enter at least two search parameters, such as the term and the subject. WebAdvisor has class information such as the instructor's name, meeting information (day, time, room) and the location.

Q. How do I register for classes?

Students register for classes online via WebAdvisor. The easiest way to register for classes is by using Express Registration. Step-by-step instructions on how to register for classes are available online.

If the class you want is full, you should add yourself to the waitlist. After the last day to add without an add authorization code, the only way to add a class is by obtaining an add authorization code directly from the instructor. The student will register themselves using their WebAdvisor account and the add authorization code.

Q. What do I do if I get an error message when I try to register for a class?

If you don't understand the error message you received, view your Registration Readiness Dashboard in WebAdvisor, or email Admissions and Records at admissions@ohlone.edu with your full name, Student ID Number, the class for which you're trying to register (for example, ENGL-101A-01), and the exact error message you receive in WebAdvisor.

Q. What classes should I take?

If you don't know what classes you should take, you should meet with an Ohlone counselor. You may make an appointment with a counselor online or by calling the Counseling Department at (510) 659-6110.

Q. How do I drop a class?

You can drop a class online via your WebAdvisor account. Be sure to drop by the deadline posted on the online Academic Calendar and in the Class Schedule. Per California Education Code students are not able to drop classes after the 75% point of the class.

Q. I completed the prerequisite at another college/university, but WebAdvisor still keeps giving me an error message about prerequisites not being completed. Why? What do I need to do?

You're receiving this error message because WebAdvisor doesn't know yet that you completed the prerequisite at another college/university. You'll need to have an Ohlone counselor review your transcripts to determine if you've met the prerequisite. If the counselor determines you've completed the prerequisite, a waiver will be entered and you can register for the class via WebAdvisor. Information about clearing prerequisites is available online.

Q. Do I need to notify my instructor if I drop a class?

No, that isn’t necessary. You should verify your drop through WebAdvisor by viewing "My Class Schedule".

Q. What is waitlisting?

Waitlisting is a way to “stand in line electronically” for a class. As space becomes available in a class when other students drop, students from the waitlist are added into the class. Students are added from the waitlist in the order they’re on the waitlist. Students with overload issues, time conflicts, registered in a different section of the same course, an outstanding balance, or unmet prerequisites won’t be added into the class from the waitlist, even if space becomes available in the class. Please refer to Waitling in WebAdvisor for more information about waitlisting.

Q. How do I know if I've been added into a class from the waitlist?

You'll be sent an email if you're added into a class from the waitlist. You can also check your status on the waitlist via your WebAdvisor account.

Q. What do I do if I'm not added into a class from the waitlist by the beginning of the semester?

You should attend the first class session, notify the instructor that you’re on the waitlist, and see if the instructor will approve adding you into the class. You should always attend the first class session of any class for which you’re on the waitlist.

If you're on the waitlist for an online class, you should email the instructor. You can obtain the instructor's email address from the Ohlone College Directory or the Division Office.

Q. What should I do if I decide not to take a class for which I'm on the waitlist?

You should drop yourself from the waitlist. Otherwise you may get added into the class and will be charged for the class.

Q. How do I register for a full or closed class?

If the class is “closed” but has not yet started, you may have the option to waitlist. If the class does not offer a waitlist, or is “waitlist full,” you may be able to obtain an add authorization code directly from the instructor on the first day of class.

Q. How do I register for a class after the deadline?

To register for a class after the last day to add you will need to submit a Late Add Form with the instructor’s signature to Admissions and Records on the Fremont campus or the Student Services Center on the Newark campus. The instructor must indicate on the form your first date of attendance in class. If you began attending class after the last day to add with the instructor’s signature then the division dean must also approve and sign the Late Add Form.

You may download a Petition for Late Add (PDF) or obtain one from the Building 7 second floor lobby on the Fremont campus or the Student Services Center on the Newark campus. This form needs to be submitted as soon as possible since the deadline has already passed.

Q. I’m having trouble with an online class. What do I do?

The Online Education Department is responsible for online classes and Canvas. You may contact them directly at ecampus@ohlone.edu or (510) 742-3130. You will also find information about online classes on the Online Education website.

Registration Appointments

Q. Who is eligible for a registration appointment?

Only continuing students—those non-K-12 students who have completed classes during the previous semester—will receive a registration appointment. If you drop all classes from the previous semester, you will not receive an email appointment and will not be able to register until registration begins for former students. New, former, and K-12 students do not receive a registration appointment.

Q. How are appointments assigned?

WebAdvisor is programmed to assign appointments based on two criteria:

  1. Declared / Undeclared status: Students with a declared major always receive priority over Undeclared students.
  2. Units completed and in progress.

Q. I did not receive a registration appointment and based on the information above, I believe I should have What do I do?

You may access your unofficial transcript online via your WebAdvisor account. Please note: If you are not a currently registered student, or have not attended Ohlone College for over a full semester, you will need to reapply for admission in order to fully reactivate and gain access to your WebAdvisor account.

Important Dates

Q. When is the next class schedule released?

See Availability of Class Schedules and Academic Calendars. The schedule of classes offered is available in WebAdvisor by clicking the "Search for Sections" link.

Q. When does next semester start?

You can check the Academic Calendar for the most current information. Generally Fall Semester begins in late August, Spring Semester begins in late January; and Summer Term begins in mid-June. However, exact dates may change from year to year. Also, there are always classes that may start earlier or later then the normal term starting date.

Q. When is the last day to drop, apply for degree, last day of classes, etc. for the current term?

All of the important dates are available in the Academic Calendar. You may view the online Academic Calendar.

Q. When will grades be available?

Grades will be available approximately two weeks after the end of term. Students check their grades via their WebAdvisor account. Grades are posted on an ongoing basis as the instructors submit them.

Transcripts and Enrollment Verifications

Q. How do I obtain my official transcript?

Q. I don't need an official transcript. How do I get my unofficial transcript?

You may access your unofficial transcript online via your WebAdvisor account.

Q. How do I request an enrollment verification for good student discount, medical insurance, loan deferment, etc.?

Information about requesting an Enrollment Verification (PDF) is available online.

Student Record

Q. How do I update my email address?

You may update the email address on your student record via your WebAdvisor account. Be sure to set up your email account to accept messages from Ohlone so you don't miss any important messages.

Q. How do I update my mailing address?

You may update the mailing address and/or phone number on your student record via your WebAdvisor account.

Q. How do I change the name on my student record?

You may update the name on your student record by submitting a Student Information Change Form (PDF) to Admissions and Records. You will need to provide official documentation of your legal name change.

Ohlone College Newark Center for Health Sciences and Technology

Q. Are there any Admissions and Records services offered at the Newark Center campus?

Yes! Students may visit the Student Services Center on the Newark Center campus for assistance with applications, registering, adding and dropping classes, obtaining transcripts and enrollment verifications, and other services which are offered to students on the Fremont campus.

Billing Questions

Q. How do I pay for classes?

You can pay for classes online via your WebAdvisor account, in person at the Cashier's Office or by sending a check. Please contact the Cashier's Office at studentreceivable@ohlone.edu or (510) 659-6073 if you have any additional questions about submitting a payment. The Cashier's Office is responsible for all student payments, balances, fees, and refunds.

Q. Why am I charged more than $46 per unit?

Students are charged additional fees besides the $46 per unit Enrollment Fee. These fees are explained in the printed Class Schedule and online at Fees/Tuition/Refunds. If you have any questions about these fees or your balance please contact the Cashier's Office at studentreceivable@ohlone.edu or (510) 659-6073. The Cashier's Office is responsible for all student balances, fees, payments, and refunds.

Q. I dropped my class before the refund deadline. How do I get a refund?

The Cashier's Office takes care of all refunds. Refund information is available online. You may also contact the Cashier's Office at studentreceivable@ohlone.edu or (510) 659-6073.

Q. What is the Student Representation Fee?

Please click on the link below for more details about the Student Representation Fee related to AB1504.

ES 20-02 Guidance on AB 1504