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Cost of Attending the First Two Years of College
College Cost
Ohlone College $2,876
San Jose State University $14,756 ($11,880 more than Ohlone or just 19.50% of the cost of attending San Jose State)
UC Berkeley $27,020 ($24,144 more than Ohlone or just 10.64% of the cost of attending UC Berkeley)


All fees are subject to change based on state budget adjustments. Additional fees may be added at a later date, subject to approval by the Ohlone Community College District Board of Trustees. Fees are accurate at the time of publication; however, fees may be increased and could result in additional charges after registration has been completed.

For a list of fees and refund information, please see Spring Fee/Tuition and RefundsSummer Fees/Tuition and Refunds and Fall Fees/Tuition and Refunds.

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Descriptions of Fees

Enrollment Fee

Enrollment fees are required of all students, except Kindergarten-12th students and students who qualify for a fee waiver. Enrollment fees and refunds vary based upon residency, non-resident, and/or non-citizen status. Enrollment fees are charged per unit; each course has a unit value.

Electronic Access Fee

The Electronic Access Fee is required of all students who use a MyOhlone studet account. MyOhlone is the online portal for all online registration, payments, and review of academic records. The fee is non-refundable except for students who do not access their MyOhlone student account and submit a refund request to the Cashier's Office on the Fremont campus.

Student Activity Fee / Student ID Card

Every student is encouraged to support the optional, non-refundable Student Activity Fee supporting co-curricular activities and student events. Included in the Student Activity Fee is the ability to receive a student ID card.

Health Services Fee

Ohlone College provides health services for students through the Student Health Center. In accordance with State Community College regulations, all enrolled students will be charged a Health Services Fee. See Health Services Fee for more information, including exemptions.

Instructional Materials Fees

In accordance with revised California Administrative Code Title 5, Part VI, sections 59400 through 59408, the policy for requiring students to provide instructional and other materials and establishing the provisions for assessing the students a fee for a credit or noncredit course shall conform to the following guidelines:

  1. The materials shall be tangible personal property that are owned or primarily controlled by an individual student.
  2. The material is of a continuing value to the student outside of the classroom setting and is not wholly consumed, used up, or rendered valueless as it is applied in achieving the required course objectives that are to be accomplished under the supervision of an instructor during class hours.
  3. The material shall not be solely or exclusively available from the District except if it is provided to the student at the District's actual cost, and
    1. The material is otherwise generally available, but is provided by the District for health and safety reasons, or
    2. The material is provided in lieu of other generally available, but more expensive material that would otherwise be required.
  4. Any materials not meeting these guidelines will will be provided by the District to students at no cost to the student.

Other Fees

Fees may be charged for copies of student records; processing of enrollment fee and tuition refunds; and vocational and counseling related tests. Fees will be charged for Community Education events and facilities use in accordance with California Code of Education provisions.

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Payment Policy

Payment is due at the time of registration. Students have seven (7) calendar days from the time of their most recent registration activity to complete their tuition and fee payment arrangements. Students must either pay at time of registration or select a payment option within this seven (7) day period.

Policy for Dropping Due to Non Payment

Students who do not take one of these actions may be dropped from their classes for non-payment. For a list of student programs that will not be dropped due to non-payment or to see our Non Payment Frequently Asked Questions, please visit the Cashier's Office website.

Students need to make sure when they choose a payment plan that they have dropped any classes they do not plan on attending. Students who do not drop classes will be held financially responsible for those classes.

Payment Options - How to Pay Fees/Tuition

  • Pay with a credit card -
    Students may pay with a credit card using the student finance portion of their MyOhlone student account or at the Cashier's Office (Fremont campus, Building 19). Students may use a debit card for this option if the debit card has a Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express logo.

  • Pay in full with a checking or savings account -
    Students may pay in full with a checking or savings account using the student finance portion of their MyOhlone student account. E-Cashier is a third party vendor that is used to process these payments within MyOhlone. There is no charge for paying in full using e-Cashier and an e-check.

  • Sign up for a payment plan -
    Students may sign up for the payment plan using the student finance portion of their MyOhlone student account. e-Cashier is a third party vendor that allows students to sign up for a monthly payment plan within MyOhlone. There is a $20 USD non-refundable fee for this payment plan option.

    For details about the payment plan (including target dates to enroll in the Payment Plan) or if you have any questions, please visit our Payment Plan FAQ.

  • Pay at the Cashier's Office -
    Students have seven (7) days from the time of their most recent registration activity to pay through the Cashier's Office (Fremont campus, Building 19)or to place check payments in the Cashier Drop Box. Students can pay in person with cash, check, or credit card. Mailed checks must be received within seven (7) days of registration. Checks may be mailed to Ohlone College Cashier's Office, 43600 Mission Boulevard, Fremont CA 94539. The Newark campus cannot accept payment for classes.

Students who feel they have extenuating financial circumstances and cannot meet any of the above payment options within the seven (7) calendar days of their registration need to contact the Counseling Department at (510) 659-6110 or Online Counseling to discuss your situation with a counselor.

See also Financial Aid.

Unpaid Financial Obligations

The Ohlone Community College District may through its officers withhold diplomas, and registration privileges, or any combination thereof, from any student who has been provided with written notice (via letter or email) that the student has failed to pay a proper financial obligation due to the District. Any item or items withheld shall be released when the student satisfactorily meets the financial obligation. This policy is authorized by the California Code of Regulations Section 72237.

Students who do not pay fees or fines or who pay by check or credit card with insufficient funds are subject to an additional 33.3% collection fee based on the financial obligation due. Unpaid financial obligations including the collection service fee may be referred to the State of California for deduction of debt from individual tax refunds. This process includes but is not limited to unpaid library fines; enrollment and class related fees; unpaid short-term loans; and unpaid restitution costs.

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