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Here's an example from the Spring 2018 printed Class Schedule for CHEM 101A General Chemistry:

Screen shot of course listing section in printed Class Schedule.11. Common Course Number.10. Number of units and nethod of grading.9. Shadded class listing designates evening section.8. Building and Room Number.7. Section meeting days and times.6. Synonym Number (6 digits).5. Section Number (2 digits).4. Advisory.3. Corequisite.2. Prerequisite.1. Accepted for Credit.

The circled numbers in the above image correspond with these descriptions.

  1. Accepted for Credit: Units earned will be accepted in transfer at CSU and/or UC. Please see a counselor or go to to determine if the units satisfy general education, major, or general elective requirements at a specific CSU or UC campus.

  2. Prerequisite: A condition of enrollment a student is required to meet in order to demonstrate current readiness for enrollment in a course or educational program. Examples are courses in sequence; prerequisites demanded by the UC/CSU systems, other colleges, and universities, and/or by licensing agencies (for example, the Board of Registered Nursing). For example:

    Prerequisite: CHEM-102 and MATH-152, or satisfactory performance on the Chemistry Placement test at Ohlone College

  3. Corequisite: condition of enrollment consisting of a course a student is required to take concurrently in order to enroll in another course. For example:

    Corequisite: None

  4. Advisory: A condition of enrollment a student is advised but notrequired to meet before, or in conjunction with, enrollment in a course or educational program.. For example:

    Advisory: CAOT-150

  5. Section Number (2 digits): Specifies the particular section of a course in which a student is registered. For example, see first column in table for #7 Section meeting days and times.

  6. Synonym Number (6 digits): Unique number for a course; required for registration. For example, see second column in table for #7 Section meeting days and times.

  7. Section meeting days and times:

    Caution: A section listed with one synonym number and two meeting times meets for the entire time. For example:

    Example of Section Meeting Days and Times
    Section Number Synonym Number Instructor Meeting Days Start and End Dates Meeting Times Room Number
    (01) 075619 Chacko S TTh 1/28/19-5/24/19 11:30am-1:05pm NC2106
    TTh 1/28/19-5/24/19 1:30pm-3:05pm NP-8A

    This class meets from 11:30am-1:05pm and 1:30am-3:05pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

    Caution: 16-week Spring classes all have a start date of January 28, even if the section does not meet on Mondays. For example:

    Example of Non-Monday Start Date
    Section Number Synonym Number Instructor Meeting Days Start and End Dates Meeting Times Room Number
    (02) 076217 Eden J TTh 1/28/19-5/24/19 10:15am-11:50am NP-12

    This class will begin on Tuesday, January 29 since it meets on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The class will not begin on Monday, January 28.

  8. Building and Room Number. For example, see last column in table for #7 Section meeting days and times. Room NP is Newark Portable Building , Newark Center. Room numbers for the Newark campus begin with NC; example: NC1100.

  9. Shaded class listing designates evening section.

  10. Number of units and method of grading: Number of units indicates the amount of credit which will be given upon successful completion of the course. Code letter appearing after the class description indicates the following information:

    • CR - Class offered for pass/no pass only.
    • GC - Class offered with student given the option to enroll for pass/no pass or a standard grade.
    • GR - Class offered for letter grade only.
    • NG - No grade; no credit.

    For example:

    Unit(s): 5.00 (GR)

  11. Common Course Number (C-ID) -

    For example:

    C-ID CHEM 110; CHEM-101A + CHEM-101B = C-ID CHEM 120S

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