Need help choosing which classes to take?

You can meet with an Ohlone College counselor to get help choosing your classes. You may make a Counseling appointment online, by calling (510) 659-6110, or by visiting the Counseling Window on the third floor of Building 7 on the Fremont campus or the Newark Student Services Center in Room NC1312 on the Newark campus.

Registering for Classes

Students must complete the Enrollment Process before they can register! See also New and Former Students Steps for Enrollment and Continuing Students Steps for Enrollment.

Students register for classes online via WebAdvisor. Students cannot register before their scheduled registration day and time.

Students are also prevented from registering if they have an outstanding balance, incomplete application, or need to submit a new application. A new application is required every semester for Kindergarten-12th grade students, and for any student who takes a leave from attending Ohlone for longer than one semester.

Students should meet with an Ohlone College counselor if they need help choosing their classes. Students may make an appointment with a counselor online, by calling (510) 659-6110, or by making an appointment at the Counseling Window (Building 7, third floor on the Fremont campus).

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Where to Find Classes

How to Register for Classes

  1. Go to WebAdvisor after creating a WebAdvisor account.
  2. Click on Students.
  3. Click on Log In.
  4. Enter your User ID and Password.
  5. Go to the Registration section on the left side.
  6. Click on Register for Sections.
  7. Click on Express Registration if you already know the exact classes you want to take,
    OR search for classes before registering.
  8. Enter the synonym in the first column on the left and the term in the last column on the right. Then click Submit.
    Screen shot of one class listing.
  9. Choose Register from the Action drop-down box in the first column on the left (other possible actions are Remove from List or Waitlist). Then click Submit.
  10. Choose Waitlist from the Action drop-down box if the class is full and you want to add yourself to the waitlist, which is a way to "electronically stand in line" for a full class. Then click Submit.

Registration is complete upon payment. Please see the Casher's Office for more information about payment deadlines.

See also How to Register for Newark Campus Classes.

Please note: Students cannot register before their scheduled registration time (see When Do I Register?). If there is a block preventing registration such as needing to submit a new application, unmet prerequisites, time conflicts, unit overload issues, or an outstanding balance, an error message will appear at the top of the WebAdvisor screen, above where it says Unsuccessful Registration. Students may call Admissions and Records at (510) 659-6100 or email for help understanding an error message.

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Forgot Your Password or User ID?

Go to Forgot Your WebAdvisor Password or User ID?

Preferred Sections (Classes) in WebAdvisor

You can save your classes in WebAdvisor as soon as the searchable online Class Schedule is published.

Use the searchable online Class Schedule and/or WebAdvisor to find the classes you want, add them to Preferred Sections, and then you can register during your registration appointment with just a click of your mouse. Using a Preferred Sections List will make registering faster once your registration appointment arrives.

Male student at Newark Center campus studying using his laptop.

How to Create / Use Preferred Section Lists

  • You can do this by logging into WebAdvisor and selecting the "Student" button.
  • Scroll to the bottom and select the "Register for Sections" link under the Registration section.
  • Then click the "Search & Register for Sections" link.
  • Enter the term, subject and course number.
  • You will then see a list of courses that match the criteria you specified.
  • When you find a class you would like to select, check the box at the left margin and scroll to the bottom and click the "Submit" button.
  • A page with the course you just selected will appear.
  • To select this course as a "Preferred" option go to the first column on the left under Action and use the drop down menu to either "Register" or "Drop" the course from your list.
    • Please remember to click "Submit" at the bottom of the page.
    • By selecting Register, you are telling WebAdvisor that you want to add the class to your personal "Preferred Section List".
    • If you select Drop, the system will remove the course and not add it to your "Preferred Section List".
  • Remember, if you are reviewing courses before your Registration period, WebAdvisor will not allow you to register, instead you will see messages at the top of the screen that indicate this "You cannot place ……. on the schedule at this time."

Each time you which to repeat this process, to add or drop courses from your Preferred Sections list, you should always return to the Student's Menu at the top or bottom of the page.

When your Registration window has opened and you are ready to register for classes, you may select "Register or waitlist for previously selected sections". You may register for the class by selecting Register from the drop down menu or you can place yourself on the Waitlist is the class is full.