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Policies and Procedures, Student Life

Copies of policies and procedures which relate specifically to student life are available from the Office of the Vice President, Student Services in Building 7, third floor on the Fremont campus and online on the Student Services Office website.

  • Academic Dishonesty Procedures
  • General Complaint Procedures
  • Equial Educational and Employment Opportunity
  • Procedures for Handling Complaints of Unlawful Discrimination
  • Student Code of Conduct
  • Unlawful Discrimination and Unlawful Harassment

Open Enrollment Policy

All courses shall be open to enrollment by any student who has been admitted to the College, except that students may be required to meet prerequisites pursuant to Title 5 (§51006) of the California Code of Regulations. Refer to the current Ohlone College Catalog for additional information.

Academic Dishonesty and Its Consequences

Students at Ohlone College are expected to pursue their course work with integrity and honesty. Academic dishonesty occurs when a student attempts to show possession of a level of knowledge or skill that he or she does not possess.

The two most common kinds of academic dishonesty are cheating and plagiarism.

Cheating is the act of obtaining or attempting to obtain credit for academic work through the use of dishonest, deceptive, or fraudulent means.
Plagiarism is representing the work of someone else as one's own and submitting it to fulfill academic requirements.

Students are responsible for knowing what constitutes academic dishonesty and for consulting with instructors about questions or concerns.

Copies of the Academic Dishonesty Procedures are available in the Office of the Vice President, Student Services in Building 7, third floor on the Fremont campus and on the Student Services website.

Smoke-Free District

In Fall 2013, Ohlone Community College District was designated a smoke-free district. Smoking is prohibited in all college vehicles, buildings, indoor and outdoor facilities, disabled and general use parking lots, and all open areas of district property.

See also Administration Procedure (AP) 3570.

Students exercising on mats in Yoga class.