Academic Calendars list important dates for applying to Ohlone, registering for classes, and deadline dates for adding and dropping classes, petitioning to audit a class, petitioning to complete a class on a pass/no pass basis, and more!

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Spring 2018 Academic Calendar 

(updated October 23, 2017; subject to change without notice)
Event Date
Registration begins for special population students* Monday, November 20
Registration begins for continuing students, based on Schedule for Registration; use WebAdvisor Monday, November 27
Registration begins for former students and new students who have satisfied the Orientation requirement; use WebAdvisor Monday, December 11
Due date for 10th-12th grade applications Monday, January 8
Holiday - Martin Luther King Jr. Day (Ohlone College closed) Monday, January 15
Due date for Kindergarten-9th grade applications Tuesday, January 16
Registration begins for 10th-12th grade students with a completed application; use WebAdvisor. Tuesday, January 16
Last day to add full-term class without add authorization code (prior to 5:00pm) Sunday, January 21**
Spring Semester instruction begins[1] Monday, January 22
Registration begins for Kindergarten-9th grade students with a completed application; use WebAdvisor Monday January 22
Last day to petition to audit full-term class with add authorization code Friday, February 2
Last day to add full-term class with add authorization code Sunday, February 4**
Last day to drop full-term class and be eligible for a refund[2] Sunday, February 4**
Last day to drop full-term class without a W grade Sunday, February 4**
Census Monday, February 5
Last day to petition to complete class on a pass/no pass basis Thursday, February 15
Holiday: President's Day (weekday and weekend classes do not meet; Ohlone College closed) Friday, February 16 – Monday, February 19
Last day to apply for Spring 2018 graduation with degrees or certificates[3] Friday, March 16
Spring Break (weekday and weekend classes do not meet; Ohlone College offices open Monday-Friday) Monday, March 19 – Sunday, March 25
Last day to drop full-term class with a W grade Friday, April 20
Last day of instruction before Final Exams Friday, May 11
Final Exam period Saturday, May 12 – Friday, May 18
Commencement (Graduation) Ceremony Friday, May 18
Grades available via WebAdvisor; grades are posted as they are received Wednesday, May 23
Holiday – Memorial Day Friday, May 28
Summer Term instruction begins Monday, June 18

Spring Academic Calendar Footnotes

The dates above pertain to 16-week classes starting the week of January 22, 2018 and ending the week of May 14, 2018. Classes with different start or end dates may have different add, drop, or refund deadlines.

Students are responsible for class prerequisites, academic calendar deadlines, services information, and registration procedures.

* Special registration is available for students who qualify for Deaf Studies, Disabled Students Programs and Services (DSPS), Extended Opportunity Programs and Services (EOPS), current or former foster youth, and Veterans. Early registration is important so that students can get the services they need.

** Admissions and Records Office hours do not extend to cover weekends and/or holidays. Access during non-office times is available online through WebAdvisor.

[1] Use the following percentages to calculate deadlines for classes that meet less than the full term:

Calculate Deadlines for Classes that Meet Less Than Full Term
Description Calculation
Last date to drop with a refund 10% of class meeting times
Last date to add 20% of class meeting times
Last date to drop a class without a W (Census Date) 20% of class meeting times
Last date to apply for pass/no pass 30% of class meeting times
Last date to withdraw with a W 75% of class meeting times

If the class meets for 10 meetings or less, the class must be dropped prior to start of class in order to be eligible for a refund.

[2] The non-resident tuition and enrollment fees differ from resident fees. The deadline to drop with a refund also differs. Please see the Spring 2018 Fees Chart for information concerning non-resident tuition refund deadlines.

[3] The Application for Spring 2018 Degree or Certificate (Associate in Art degree, Associate in Science degree, or Certificate of Achievement) is available from and should be submitted to the Office of Admissions and Records or may be submitted via the student's WebAdvisor account. Applications received after the deadline will be processed for the next term.

Schedule for Registration

Continuing students are assigned the earliest registration times and appointments based on having a declared academic program (major) and by the number of Ohlone units earned toward that program.

New and former students receive the next opportunity to register but do not receive specific appointments. New and former students cannot register for classes until they have completed the admission process.