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A transcript is an official document showing all the courses you have taken at Ohlone College and the grades, grade points, and degrees you have received.

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Transcript Fees

See Transcript Fees in the list of Fees by semester.

Transcript Requests

All transcript requests are made online using our TranscriptsPlus order form. Ohlone College has partnered with Credentials/TranscriptsPlus to offer current and former students transcript ordering, printing, and delivery service.

You can order a transcript online 24/7, even when the college is closed – that includes weekends and holidays.

Current Students: How to Order a Transcript

For an official transcript, go to the Transcript Request tab on the home screen of your MyOhlone student account. Once you click on the Transcript request tab, you should see a link towards the top in blue that says, "To request a transcript, please go here." Go ahead and click the link, and you'll be routed to the TranscriptsPlus order form and instructions.

You will receive a confirmation email when the order is placed and another when it is sent. The confirmation email includes a link to check the status of your transcript order.

If there is a problem with processing your order, you will get a notice with the details of your issue and contact information in order to clear it up.

Former Students: How to Order a Transcript

If you have been in attendance at Ohlone in the last year, you should still have access to your MyOhlone student account. You can use the instructions above for current students.

If you’ve been out of attendance for longer than that, your MyOhlone student account may be deactivated. This means you won’t have access to your unofficial records but you can still place an order for an official transcript using this link:

If you also want to view unofficial transcripts, you will need to reapply to reactivate your MyOhlone student account. Applications are free and are completed online through the California community college applications system OpenCCC Apply. You can re-apply to Ohlone College using the Apply Online link in our menu.

Noncredit Transcripts: How to Order

Students can order a copy of their noncredit transcript by clicking here. Clicking the link will launch the noncredit transcript request form. Students will need to know their MyOhlone student account username and password to access the electronic request form.

Student requests must be made electronically, and requests will not carry a charge. Noncredit transcripts are not available for pick-up; students must list a valid address on the request form to send the requested transcript.

If students have any additional questions regarding Noncredit transcripts or the request form, please email

Having Trouble Placing your Order Online?

Make sure you're using a compatible browser. We recommend Mozilla Firefox or an up to date version of Internet Explorer. It is also best to use a wired pc or laptop connection if possible.

You can get help by calling TranscriptsPlus at (847) 716-3005. Assistance is available Monday through Thursday 7:00am to 7:00pm CST (Central Standard Time) and on Friday from 7:00am to 5:00pm CST.

You can check the status of your transcript orders through TranscriptsPlus. You can use the link in your order confirmation email or the link here:

Be sure to check the processing times when you place your order. Normal processing is 3-4 business days to complete and send the order, then standard mailing time applies if you are sending by mail. Express processing means the transcript order is sent out within 1 business day from when the order is completed, but standard mailing time still applies for mailed orders. If you need a transcript faster, you may consider sending it electronically, or selecting the overnight option. Details and fees for overnight orders are included on the TranscriptsPlus order form.

Please note, we are not able to print on demand and don’t currently accept paper forms for transcript request.


Question: How do I order a transcript if I don’t know my student ID number?

Answer: You can use your social security number on the order form instead of entering a student ID. Please make sure you provided a social security number to Ohlone at your time of application though. If you didn’t provide one, or the number you enter on your order is different than the one on your record, your order will be delayed.

If you would prefer to use your student ID and you are a current student, you can access your student ID number in your MyOhlone student account under user profile. To find the "user profile" option students can click on the student username locate in the upper right portion of your account. Once you've clicked on your username a drop down menu will appear with the option "user profile."

If you would prefer to use your student ID and you are not a current student, you can contact the Admissions Office to request your student ID. You can find the link to our contact information on our menu.

Question: What if I need my transcript sent with an attachment?

Answer: You will need to select the attachment option when you place the order. You will have two choices – one option is for attachments that do not need to be completed or signed by Ohlone College. You can upload these at the end of the ordering process, or for CAS attachments just enter your CAS-ID to include them with your transcript order.

For attachments that do need to be completed or signed by Ohlone College, you will need to select the correct option. Then you can either upload your attachment (TranscriptsPlus notifies us when you do), or bring it in to the Admissions and Records Office at the Fremont campus.v

Question: I placed my transcript order more than 10 days ago but have not received it yet.

Answer: Check your transcript status link in the confirmation email you were sent after placing the order. You can also contact TranscriptsPlus at (847) 716-3005 for more information.

Question: What do I do if the address I entered on the order was wrong or has changed?

Answer: If we receive the transcript as undeliverable to the address you provided, we will contact you for a better address to resend the transcript. We will resend it to you twice, but if it is received back a third time, we ask that you pick up the transcript from our Fremont campus office.

Question: How do I get my 2 free transcripts?

Answer: If you have not already used your two free transcripts, you will get a $5 credit at the end of placing your order automatically. If you have used your two free transcripts already, you will not see that credit. If you are not sure if you have a free transcript order left or you have questions about the credit, please contact Admissions at (510) 659-6100 or

Question: How do I submit transcripts from another college to Ohlone?

Answer: Please send your official transcript directly from your previous college to.

Ohlone College
c/o A&R office 7249
43600 Mission Blvd.
Fremont, CA 94539

It is the student's responsibility to drop classes!

Dropping or withdrawing from a class is not an automatic process. Students are responsible for dropping classes they are not attending. Students who do not drop a class will be charged for the class. They may also receive an F grade that will remain on the permanent student record.