FALL 2021 Late Start Classes
It’s Not Too Late! Take Fall 2021 Late Start Classes this October & November. Many Sections Still Available, Including Tuition Free Noncredit Offerings. Earn 0.5 to 5 Units Per Class. Visit the Late Start Webpage for More Details and Register Today!

Don't wait until the first day of the term to get into a class that's full! Put yourself on the waitlist and be first in line to fill a vacated spot!

On a Waitlist? Did you know…?

  • You can check your status on the waitlist via your WebAdvisor account?
  • You will be sent an email when you are eligible to add yourself to the class.
  • You need to drop yourself from the waitlist if you no longer want to take the class.
  • Students are added into classes from the waitlist through the Friday before classes. Please see the Important Dates Calendar.
  • You need to attend the first class session if you're still on the waitlist by the beginning of the semester. For an online class, you should email the instructor.

Waitlisting in WebAdvisor is a way to electronically stand in line for a filled class. During the registration period, students may place themselves on a waitlist for specific classes that are filled. During the registration period, if a class is full students will be asked on WebAdvisor if they want to add to the waitlist. If space becomes available in the class, students on the waitlist will be contacted via email with instructions on how to add themselves to the class. Students are notified about open slots in the class in the order they were added to the waitlist. Students may check their status on the waitlist via their WebAdvisor account. There is no guarantee that a spot will be available on the waitlist. If you are not able to add yourself to the class, please attend the first day of class to see there is space available. The instructor may issue an add code if space is available.  

Students working at laptops in Hyman Hall computer lab. Students who have blocks preventing registration such as an outstanding balance, unmet prerequisites, conflicts with another class, overloads, or other academic issues will not be not be able to add into a class even if space is available. These students will have three (3) days from the notification of an open spot to resolve any of these issues, after three (3) days they will be removed from the waitlist so the next student in line will have an opportunity to register.

Students are restricted from waitlisting in more than one section of a class (an example would be ENGL-101A-01 and ENGL-101A-02). WebAdvisor will allow a student who is already registered in one section of a class to waitlist in one other section of the class. However, students will not be  able to add into the waitlisted class as long as they are still registered in a different section of the same class. The student must drop the registered class in order to be moved into the next available space in the waitlisted class.

Students who decide not to take a class for which they are waitlisted must remove themselves from the waitlist.

Students must attend the first class session of any class for which they are waitlisted. Those students who do not attend the first class session will not be added based upon their waitlist status, even if space opens up in the class.

Two male students at Palm Bosque on Fremont campus.

After the last day to add without an add authorization code, the faculty control who is registered from the waitlist. Please refer to the Academic Calendar for this date.  To add a waitlisted class after the last day to add without an add authorization code, students will need to obtain an add authorization code directly from the instructor. The student will register themselves using their WebAdvisor account and the add authorization code.

Be sure to attend the first class session if you are on a waitlist. If you do not attend the first class session, the instructor may decide not to add you to the class from the waitlist. For an online class, you should email the instructor.

Students who decide not to take a class they have waitlisted should be certain to drop themselves from the waitlist, as they will be subject to any fees and grades for classes in which they are registered from the waitlist.

Students should regularly check their class schedule and waitlisted classes in WebAdvisor.

Reasons Preventing Students from Being Added from the Waitlist

Below are the reasons why students on a waitlist do not get added into the class from the waitlist and may be dropped from waitlists. If you have one of these errors and space becomes available in the class, the student behind you on the waitlist will be added into the class instead of you.

  1. The waitlisted class in question places you in unit overload for the term of registration. This means that if you were registered into the specific class from a waitlist, you would exceed the maximum number of units allowed for Summer Term which is 8.5 units, 17.5 units for Fall and Spring Semesters.
  2. The waitlisted class in question conflicts with one or more classes currently on your schedule.
  3. You are already registered in a different section of the same course (for example, registered in ENGL-101A-01 and waitlisted for ENGL-101A-02).
  4. You have exceeded the number of times you may take the course. You may have received too many substandard grades or W's for the course.
  5. You have an outstanding balance.

Students with a unit overload situation will need to meet with a counselor to receive clearance authorization. The other option is to drop a class(es) to be below a unit overload. Getting a unit overload approved is highly unlikely during the Summer Term as classes are conducted in a condensed 6-week format. Kindergarten-12th grade students will not be cleared to take a unit overload as this authorization will have already been determined by their Kindergarten-12th grade institution.

If the waitlisted class conflicts with your schedule, you either need to drop the conflicting class or choose a new section of the waitlisted class.

Lastly, if you have exceeded the number of times you can take a course, you will need to submit a Student Petition Form (PDF) to the Academic Dean for the area that supervises the subject in question.

Each of these three scenarios takes time and does not guarantee you registration into the class. For these reasons, we cannot hold a space on a waitlist for students that need to receive clearance. Our priority is to enroll all qualified students first.

In summary, please remember to routinely monitor your WebAdvisor account to drop classes you do not plan to attend and remove yourself from waitlists once you have secured your desired schedule. Be advised that you may be dropped from waitlists when you are ineligible because of one of the above stated reasons.

Try Preferred Sections too! You can save your classes in WebAdvisor as soon as the searchable online Class Schedule is published.

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