Students who have forgotten their WebAdvisor password need to reset their password. Go to WebAdvisor and click on "I Forgot My WebAdvisor Password." You will be directed to a web page and asked to enter your Ohlone ID, first name, last name, birthdate, and zip code, and answer the security question you created. If your answer to the security question does not match your student record, you will be able to click on "Reset Question and Answer." An email will be sent to your Ohlone student email address, with a link that will allow you to reset your security question and answer. After a new security question and answer are successfully chosen, you will be directed to create a new password.

To access your WebAdvisor User Name, go to the WebAdvisor Main Menu and click on "What is My WebAdvisor User Name." You will be prompted to enter your last name and Student ID. After clicking on the Submit button, the WebAdvisor User Name will appear.

Students need to include their Ohlone Student ID Number in any communication with Ohlone.

Two students happy they attended Transfer Day.