Aid and Scholarships

NCAA qualifiers need an average of 12 units per full time semester of transferable units at a 2.00 GPA (24 units per year) in order to transfer. Non qualifiers must graduate with 60 units, 48 of which must be transferable.

Did You Know…?

Attending or graduating from a community college doubles an individual's chance of finding a job compared to those who failed to complete high school. Source: California Community Colleges Chancellor's Office.

Fees / Tuition

Current fees are available on the Admissions and Records website. Fees are different for California residents, out-of-state residents, and international students - see Fees and Residency.


Did You Know…?

The enrollment of African-American students in California's community colleges nearly matches the undergraduate enrollment of the University of California. Source: Community College League of California.

Grants and Loans

Housing Estimates

Players from out of the area rent apartments in Fremont. A typical lease runs 12 months and must be co-signed by a parent or guardian. Currently there are 2 bedroom / 2 bath units with washer/dryer available for $1,290 USD and or 2 bedroom / 1 bath units with washer/dryer available for $1,190 USD.

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