Overview of Art Programs

New Art Course for Spring 2018

Have you ever seen art in unexpected places? Does it make you smile? Laugh? Think? Art 127-A "Site-Specific and Installation Art 1" gives you the opportunity to learn how to create art installations both indoors and outside. Found objects, 2D and 3D art as well as art appreciation will be components of this class. You'll learn a lot and have fun! Register today for: Site-Specific Install Art I, Art 127-A-01 (073675).

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Some of the Art Department programs maintain individual websites. A summary of those programs follows.

Interior Design

The Interior Design curriculum is designed to prepare creative students in the various fields of Interior Design. The job market is varied and offers positions such as Interiors Salespersons, Product Representatives, and Interior Design Services Model by a student in Interior Design.(self-employed or associated with small shops or consultants for large department stores and furniture outlets). Special competency areas can be directed toward textiles/fabrics, furniture and floor covering, remodeling and space design, corporate office space decorating, model homes, etc. This two-year program includes courses that will give graduates the professional skills needed to secure an entry-level job, as well as the option of continuing to study Interior Design at the university level. More information on the Interior Design website.


Multimedia students working on projects in computer lab.Upon completion of the AA degree or Certificate of Achievement in Multimedia and Graphic Arts, students will have developed interactive multimedia projects integrating graphics, text, sound, animation, and video for World Wide Web and CD-ROM. Jobs in the multimedia field include programmer, Web developer, producer, multimedia project manager, production assistant, writer, designer, graphic artist, and interface designer. Jobs for multimedia professionals are mainly in the fields of education and training, sales and marketing, advertising and public relations, and entertainment. The pay for multimedia professionals is above average. Multimedia development is a growing field and employment for both contractors and full time employees will grow.

Did You Know…?

One in every five community college students in the nation attends a California community college. California Community Colleges Chancellor's Office


The Photography Certificate of Accomplishment signifies that students have acquired skills in fundamental processes of photography including color and design with emphasis on creative expression. This certificate helps students develop concepts and skills that will enable them to develop creatively in the fine arts.